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GAMCA policies have elicited controversy over the past few years for two primary reasons: the first concerns the facilities’ unfair monopoly over medical testing in labour-receiving countries, and the second regards outdated TB policies that discriminate against perfectly healthy workers. We profiled the latter issues here, here, and here, but this article is primarily devoted to GAMCA’s unfair business practices.

GAMCA stands for G.C.C Approved Medical Centres’ Association. These centres are the only medical facilities the Gulf permits to conduct pre-travel medical tests for prospective migrants. In late July, the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) addressed complaints raised by the Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA) on behalf of exploited communities. The CCP fined 20 GAMC facilities and GAMCA administrative offices a total of RS 500 million for “collusive behavior.” The CCP ruled that GAMCA “exploited customers by restricting their choice and imposing unfair terms and conditions.”

Similar accusations against GAMC facilities were launched earlier in the year by Nepalese, Filipino, and Sri Lankan authorities.

The effect of the GAMCA monopoly on migrants is multi-fold: the absence of competition allows GAMCA to impose fees with little consideration to the financial circumstances of workers. Though GAMCA officials in Sri Lanka stated that a recent fee increase of RS 1,500 should not impact workers because foreign sponsors are responsible for such charges, many applicants do pay for their own medical testing, which adds to the exponential cost of pre-migration requirements. One prospective migrant worker explained,

Let us decide where we can undergone medical test with the cheapest but with the best facilities. Because more of this clinics they endorsed are collecting money and they are giving some false test just to repeat again the test with additional fee they collected. I am hoping that the government make priotize this kind of problem [to] remove the graft and corrupt practices not only in government but also in private sectors [Sic]. Source:

The unfair privileges of GAMC facilities also affects the quality of medical service. Many migrants claim that the facilities are subpar and unprofessional. In regards to TB tests in particular, migrant workers complain that GAMC employees do not help them understand the procedures or their results. They are also endure long delays that add to the already stressful nature of pre-travel preparation. According to a resident professional identified as “Maynard,”

The main problem is most GCC nations did not provide GAMCA with any specific guidelines or standards in health screening. If you go to these clinics, you would not see any posters or leaflets showing their guidelines. Any spots or marks on one’s chest x-ray is labeled as TB, including marks and scars not even related to TB, for example, past infections from bronchitis or pneumonia.” Source:

Some also allege that the monopoly on testing begets corruption:

I even asked them if we can bring a result from outside hospital and if the result is negative, are they going to consider or evaluate result for comparison. They said that they will not honor it. …They don’t even think that the people who consulted their clinic do not pick up the money from the streets to finance their medical exams!…I even consulted a rad tech friend who worked as a head radtech in a known hospital, he said that as for his profession “they can do magic with the film to show a false result!”… all we have to do is bribe them and the result will instantly remove all the findings in the film [Sic]. Source:

Migrant Rights spoke with the founder of, Abdul Rahman Asim, earlier this year. Asim explained that the pursuits of labour-sending countries can yield uncertain results:

A collective effort would have much better impact. GCC countries official attitude is very stubborn, if Nepal stops GAMCA centers, they will announce we will hire from Vietnam or some other country, instead of looking into the matter.

Additionally, prohibiting the monopoly of GAMCA facilities would have only limited effects on the most controversial component of GAMCA policy; the discriminatory TB policy itself would not change. But the opportunity to verify test results with a non-GAMCA facility, and the potential for greater patient support from these alternative facilities, would help reduce the stress on workers undergoing TB testing. Additionally, the success of labour-sending countries in influencing one sector of G.C.C migrant policies may establish a precedent to address other GAMCA issues.

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87 thoughts on “GAMCA Controversy Update

  1. Maynard says:

    Before going to any GAMCA clinics, please try to read this as GAMCA and even non-GAMCA clinics are making money out of this whole mess. It’s an insanity of misinformation.

    A simple comparison of old and new chest x-ray films can accurately tell whether one has active or cured TB. An AFB smear test is only done when chest x-rays shows abnormal/suspicious results, meaning there might be a new TB infection or there has been notable changes in one’s old vs. new x-ray films (that’s why it’s important to bring old x-ray films when undergoing a new one otherwise physicians will often conclude “suspicious” or “PTB of undetermined activity” findings since they have nothing to compare it with).

    A skin test (PPD or TST) is only used to check whether one has latent TB, it is useless to those who had previously known TB history. Blood tests produces inaccurate results and are banned by WHO. A sputum culture is only done to those who are suspected of having multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB).

    So you don’t need to take all these kinds of TB tests, meaning you must refuse to pay for all of these tests. Chest x-rays alone are accurate enough.

  2. rizwan anwar rizwi says:

    Dear sir
    I have problem form GAMCA medical centre.I have done medical form Gamca for Oman in june2012, I was FIT there.
    After six month I want to do medical again, but Gamca is not providing me Gamca slip,
    Since last 3 month I am try for Gamca slip for the medical,
    But they are not providing me
    Saying me to wait
    I am waiting form 3 month,I am in trouble,I am jobless do to this problem
    I can not go abroad due to these problem
    Passport no- J9801636
    Name – Rizwan Anwar Rizwi
    Please help me

    • sir i need yor help .i am going to gamka medcalin desamber month.he is doing unfitt me he is saing after 3 month your next meadcal but nw he is saing after 9 month is my meadcal plz help me I am a job les

  3. mhike says:

    what can i do if your name already submitted to gamca?and your going to apply a new one in other gcc country?

  4. [...] disadvantaged by these policies, many of whom were further agitated by medical centers’ poor or misleading services. Unfortunately, few international organizations were willing to publicly condemn GAMCA’s [...]

  5. Virlyn Corpuz says:

    hi, is GAMCA controversy is still issue nowadays? because i will be undergoing medical test in GAMCA this Feb. I am confuse with this controversy because the clinic may UNFIT me even if i am sure that i dont have any sickness. My Agency told us to prepare atleast 4000 for the medical test.

  6. TOUSIF says:


  7. Frederick says:

    I am experiencing the same thing. Before I was hired by a new company, one of their strict requirements is to undergo a pre-employment medical examination. I did the examination in the UAE on December 2012 because I was hired there. Everything is clear and normal as a result of my tests. Then I was instructed by the new employer to hand over my resignation to my previous one and return back to the Philippines at their costs. I had my medical examination to GAMCA here in the Philippines on February 1 and everything is OK except for the result of my x-ray. The clinic said that they found a Minimal Apical Pleural Thickening Bilateral on my x-ray. They suggest another x-ray view and unfortunately they said the result is the same and I am again scheduled to come back for another one. I’m not sure if their findings are accurate or false. I’ve read a lot of threads regarding this matter and all of them talk about the same issue. I just don’t have any idea of what would happen next. I hope this issue ends soon.

    The question: Is Minimal Apical Pleural Thickening would make me “UNFIT” even if it’s not a contagious disease?

  8. Ryan Dela Cruz says:


    I under go testing in one of your accredited clinic “American Out-Patient Clinic” before i been test by American Out-Patient Clinic i’d under go check-up week before and i pass then here’s American Out-Patient Clinic i’d been un-fit so i went to a family friend doctor to check me and i pass now the American Out-Patient Clinic still dont consider my 1st and 2nd check-up because they dont recomend the check-up. they give recomendation to department of health here but to some attorney on the department.

    I’m just concerned on the patients of American Out-Patient Clinic on a month some of the patients here under-go x-ray for five times after that the person will be cleared yet surely that test will get him soon.

    Please let me know what to do next, I just want to work

    • chelle says:

      what happened to ur second opinion result from DOH? are u clear there? Where u able to travel? please let me know for i am suffering the same situation and this is really killing me..

  9. aamir says:

    can hernia make unfit a prssn to work in UAE

  10. MEREMA MOHAMED says:

    Is seeing or finding scar on x-ray examination conciders as active TB or contgious????am from ETHIOPIA

  11. Ashfaq Hussain Malik says:

    Sir I have got GAMCA no. And medical due to missbehave of doctor medical has beee canceled. Sir I want again medical but how I can take GAMCA slip for medical. Please help me I am blonging to a very poor family.. Thanks

  12. Syed Zahoor ul haque says:

    I have done GAMCA for Oman in Mumbai
    my result is FIT
    But Doctor unnecessarily forcing me to do again blood test
    they showed that my bitrate is 2.6 and it is possible that after six months you ll get Hepatitis
    i said it means i m unfit
    they said no you are fit but do this test again any pay again
    i insist to provide certificate but they are delaying it from last four days

    i saw that they are catching only high profile job ppl to repeat tests and collect money

    there are several case of such ppls specially in Bhatiya hospital Marine line Mumbai

    plz take certain action against them
    they are forcing ppl to undergo test even if they are fir
    and collecting money for each test again

    plz stop this injustice
    thanks Jazak ALLAH

    • RUWAN says:

      hey,just go to the passport office, obtain anew passport,but before that get ur hernia done,it may take a week to recover,but @ the 2nd test tell the doctor that u did hernia operatio 6 months ago,u shud be fine

    • parvez shaikh says:

      I have a complaint against HS bhatia Mumbai. The clinic refused to give me the payment receipt for the medical fee of rs. 4300. Would like to know if this can be reported to the Income tax department.

  13. Dinesh says:

    GAMCA (GCC approved medical centers association) is a facilitator for corruption as it forces people to go to a particular medical center. It is unfortunate that in a land of thousands of medical centers only a few are “authorized”. Even then, the candidates should have the right to go the center they choose at least. If they are forced to go according to GAMCA decision, the medical centers will treat the candidates like animals.

    I have been to “Health care diagnostic center” in Trivandrum, Kerala state and the treatment is inhumane, derogatory, insulting and a disgrace to the medical profession, the state and the country. If this is allowed to continue, many will continue to suffer for no fault of theirs.

    Dinesh Mathew

  14. Jojo says:

    Their policy of automatically tagging applicants with lung scar as UNFIT is inhumane and harsh. Hope we can elevate this WHO to convice the GCC of their outdated policy on PTB scar.

  15. mohd shanu ali says:

    Dear sir

    Last 5 month letter I was done medical hai through by gamca and this month I m agian go in gamca office but they said u come after a year sir I m just asked is that nt posible after 5 month again my medical Because I m totally fit and my visa is perfact pkz reply me

  16. SYED says:


    • Sameer says:

      Can You Please provide me more information about gamca slip re-issue or any option for change of medical center from one city to another city…



  18. Ali Faraz says:

    what can i do if your name already submitted to gamca?and your going to apply a new one in other gcc country?

  19. Mohammad says:

    Dear sir,
    I have done medical from one centre in mumbai,Royal diagnostic centre,for job in kuwait and i am declared X-Ray unfit,small patch known as fibrosis,i went to Institute of liver and billiary science,New Delhi,and their X-Ray report showing nothing,i called my consultancy but they are not accepting the report.
    Even that diagnostic center person told me that this is not a disease but this is scar and you are UNFIT.I have 6 years UAE experience and i have never experience such type of problem during medical.
    Which kind of policy is this …when this scar is not harmful for me how it can be harmful for others.
    This kind of discrimination should be stopped.
    I am in support of STOP GAMCA and In Sha Allah policy will be revised very soon.

  20. Noor IMAM says:

    HI ,I have done medical from HEFCO medical center located in Bharatnagr.Delhi,for the job of saudi and I am declared UNFIT due to sugar which is little increased at that time.Now a day sugar is comman problem and can control it.but medical center didn t give a chance to repeat it,There is problem to get another Gamca slip even sugar is controlled .I want to know when I get another GAMCA slip…and gamca rule

  21. ramu says:

    i had also faced the same issue,i had never faced any serious health issue,but when i went for GAMCA check up, they made me unfit by X Ray test for Fibrous calcification scar in my lung.Even the doctor is telling that it is not at all a disease .common for Asian people.

  22. Charanjeet says:

    Discrimination and Harassment on assumption based chest scars.

    My name is Charanjeet Singh, an Indian national.

    March 2013, I received employment in a law firm in D.I.F.C. or Dubai International Financial Centre, when I appeared for medical test at al Muhaisna medical centre which is a part of D.H.A or Dubai Health Authority, suspected that i have old T.B scar. I was deported immediately after scanning, without given me a right to appeal.

    I went to A.I.I.M.S [All India Institute of Medical Sciences] hospital at New Delhi and done all my checkups i.e. Skin test or Mantoux twice, Chest x-ray, Blood test, 3 times Sputum test and a Chest C.T Scan too on special advise by senior doctor to have a close look at the scar.

    Based on my test reports, A.I.I.M.S issued me the Certificate stating that I do not have any active T.B. Senior doctors asked me why did they deported you when there is no sign of T.B in our body?

    3rd December 2013 at Asia’s well known Tuberculosis Hospital in New Delhi that is L R S – T.B Hospital, have checked my all reports and done my chest x-ray and culture test thrice at their hospital. All reports are negative as on date.

    15th January 2014, Latest report from All India Institute of Medical Sciences [AIIMS] hospital, New Delhi has given me fitness certificate stating NO HISTORY OF TUBERCULOSIS IN MY BODY & NO HISTORY OF TUBERCULOSIS IN MY FAMILY.

    20th January 2014 and 22nd January 2014, most recent test reports conducted from two different Pathological labs for the same test on different dates i.e. QUANTIFERON TB GOLD TEST which is specially designed for detecting latent or old tuberculosis, are also Negative.

    Conclusion: – As per written reports and India’s super specialty hospitals, there is no evidence of either Active or Latent Tuberculosis in my body at all.

    Neither I, while working and staying in my home country or Dubai, nor my parents had any kind of T.B infection in their lifetime.

    Loopholes: – This law will only hide patients who have active tuberculosis at present and will never let them come before the government to avoid deportation and get better treatment. clearly mentioned by Dr. Mario Raviglione, Director at W.H.O, this is absolute discrimination.

    Feeling of Inequality, Harassment and discrimination comes in the account of those who have suspected scars; in few cases are active tuberculosis patients. Just imagine their pain, they are already sick and on the top of that they are getting permanent deportation.

    Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

    I really felt humiliation from Dubai Health Authority for deporting the patients on the basis of their outdated laws.

    Please sign in to support my online petition for the welfare of future victims.

    I hope necessary action will be taken on this issue on humanitarian grounds.


    Charanjeet Singh
    0091 9560728263

  23. Riyaz Shaikh says:

    Please revise GAMCA rules regarding lung scars.

  24. Riyaz Shaikh says:

    If GAMCA-India clears the candidate with lung scar then whehter it will a problem in KSA before pre-employment medical check up ? Will they do further investigation ?

    Do we have to undergo GAMCA test every time we need to renew visa/contract ?

    • Miguel says:

      Bro Jepoy, where did you take your medical in KSA for Iqama? Did you talk to anyone before the medical exam? I do have the same situation as yours. Got my PTB cured 2004 after 6 months medication. Im here in dubai now as tourist and I was hired in KSA. Im afraid I will also fail the medical beacuse of the pathetic GAMCA policies. Hope to hear from you bro. Thanks in advance!

  25. Pradip Dey says:

    Good day Sir,
    I am Pradip Dey. Eight years I have worked in abroad and still I am doing. Recently I am home.I was approved by one company and was said to do medical. The diagnostic centre was under GAMCA. when I finished my test after some while they said that I was medically unfit because of a minimal fibrosis. I went and checked myself on a pathology centre I saw that there was nothing I was absolutely fit. I challenge GAMCA with my report that if they have guts then they should come and give me an answer that why did they do this. they diagnostic centre even said me that I have been black listed from gulf countries if I accept my wrong report I want an answer from GAMCA!

  26. rosalie b. unidad says:

    i have done gamca,the result is unfit..if i apply again in other gamca countries,is it possible or no more chance to wrk in middle east..what countries not under by gamca,,pls help

  27. Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can anybody give me the contact details to complain about the facilities and procedures in one of the GAMCA medical centres in Chennai.


  28. amir says:

    hi sir,
    l am amir and I am unfit for GCC countries and on my chest have little scar I discussed with biggest Delhi hospital CMO and he told me I have nothing problem I have done 5 years in gulf countries that they did not make this problem but why now,

    l pray he will die who make this rule insha Alllah.

    Why they can make this kind of stupid rule i want to make harasment case on this gham ka chief medical officer the lot of people making bad pray for him some people say he will die some people say is a bad man some people say he is not human human god please help us we are very in big problem please help those all people as in this problem.

    Allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar asha dual la ilaha illallah asadullah allaha, asha deewana mahammad roseola allaha.

  29. hamid tabrez says:

    GAMCA medical and procedure think that they are either too intelligent or the superior to all medical center, but unfortunately they are the foolest one, I had gone for GAMCA medical and I have minor problem of conginital scoliosis which can hardly be recognised without x-ray, all my medical test was fit but when they had taken my chest x ray, they had notified my minor curve of spine near my shoulder and on this ground they had rejected me and declared me unfit for the official job whereas I had consulted several orthopaedic doctors here in India they said that I am normal person and can do all my day to day job and duties, and they also said me that nothing could be done with this congenital curve of spine which is called as scoliosis, GAMCA authority should check the degree of disability then should take any decision to make a person unfit, Arabian countries are going to wrong direction.

  30. hatimm khan says:

    Sir, Any body Can tell me the Procedure to get the GAMCA slip ???

    • Sartaj ahmad says:

      You go to gamca center with passport according to your state or country, location is given in net and tell him medical for which country you want than he give one slip in this slip medical center is mention than go to medical center and give money to this center price is depend upon country medical than that medical center take your blood,x ray etc and give report to you same day or another day if you are fit than you can go to country which you want

  31. Dharmendra Kumar Verma says:

    My Name Munna Verma before im working at muscat (OMAN) 4 years.
    Now i got offer working at oman.
    Sir my x-ray showing old healed. Im fit or Unfit for oman visa.

    • Dharmendra Kumar Verma says:

      Before im working at oman 2007 to 2011. Now i got offer from Oman.
      Sir my x-ray showing old healed. Im not suffering from TB in my life. X-ray report is sulpha group medecine (Bactrim ds) reaction. This healed 23 years old, im FIT or UNFIT for OMAN visa.
      Sir i request to you pl sugesition me, im waiting your answer.

      Thank you sir.
      With regards
      Dharmendra Kumar Verma.

  32. Dharmendra Kumar Verma says:

    Before im working at oman 2007 to 2011, some family problem in 2011 so i back india. Now i got offer agen from oman.
    Sir my x-ray showing old healed, im not sufering from any critical deases by biarth to till date. X-ray report is medicine reaction (Bactrim ds ‘sulpha group’). This report for oman visa FIT OR UNFIT pl reply me. Sir in

  33. Jepoy says:

    I also experience the same thing, I have past history of PTB somewhere in 1992 and got my medication for 6 months. When I apply to one agency somewhere in Ermita, Manila. I was selected by the employer supposed to be bound for Qatar, but when my agency told me to do the medical in St. Peter Paul and Mary medical clinic, The result was UNFIT TO WORK becoz of lung scar and pleural thickening, I was very disappointed. After 1 yr I tried again to apply to another agency and I was selected again by the employer, so when the agency again told me to have my medical, I talk to the secretary in the agency and I told her that I have a pending case in GAMCA and show her the past result of my medical, then the secretary call to the doctor in the medical clinic who will conduct my medical, then praise the lord I got FIT TO WORK in my medical report, And when I reach K.S.A. I have to do again my medical for IQAMA, I was clear………….. So my advise to fellow applicant, If you have this problem like mine, try to talk to the manager or to the person who will give the referral for medical and tell your situation. And hopefully you’ll get lucky too like me. So long and God Bless us all…

    • gary says:

      sir anong agency nyo at yung bgong clinic. my dla rin kc aq n visa gling saudi kya lng unfit aq dhil s lung scar. thanks and godbless

  34. Tharaka Sadaruwan says:

    This is complete BS. Stupid law. Im from srilanka and stuck here. I registered my business over there in UAE. Then i was asked to exit the country to process my visa. After that i got information that i have to provide medical certificate from Srilanka to issue my visa. Then i went to Ohlums Clinic &Labratories (Pvt)Ltd to get my medical done. They said that my liver function is high(119) which i know is high. I dont feel sick or anything, all i have to do some exercise to reduce it. What i don’t understand is why is it a reason to not pass my medical. this is ridiculous, i have my running business closed in Dubai and here these idiots not passing my medical and im completely stuck. ****** this shit rule. Im losing money and time everyday. All they have to do is check if there any infectious disease. not any other shiit. I’m pissed as hell. ********GAMCA, remove this stupid tests, you can’t have perfectly healthy people in a country. This GAMCA shiit is there just to make money. Im fed up of this.

  35. Sartaj ahmad says:

    If gamca medical center declare me as unfit than how much time for another gamca slip

  36. M s ahmed says:


    I approached GAMCA approved solus health care himayath nagar Hyderabad on 27 april 2014 there is prblem in x-ray machine for most of the candidate it was giving wrong report and they found there is problem with instrument on 29 april.
    I am not getting any clarity what is happening with GAMCA

  37. M s ahmed says:

    I request GAMCA authority team please take an action against such fake health centres as i feel here just they are making fool collecting huge amount from candidates and putting on hold without any specific reason

  38. SANDEEP SHETTY says:


  39. hamid says:

    Amid such complaints, Gamca president Dr. Rodolfo Punzalan decided to publish the list of diseases that make OFWs, by their standards, unfit to work in GCC countries.

    These include:

    Infectious category
    • HIV/AIDS reactive
    • Hepatitis B surface antifgen, HCV reactive
    • Microfilaria positive and malaria blood film positive, known leprosy patients
    • Tuberculosis – any type, X-ray showing active PTB, past evidence of PTB or healed • Pulmonary scar, including minimum fibrosis, calcification (granuloma) pleural thickening, pleural effusion, tuberculosis lymphadenitis
    • VDRL/TPHA reactive

    Non-infectious category
    • Chronic renal failure
    • Chronic hepatitis failure
    • Congestive heart failure
    • Hypertension
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Known case of cancer
    • Psychiatric disease and neurological disorders
    • Physical disabilities, i.e. color blindness, deafness

    Above mentioned are the disease under which a person can be declared unfit to work in gulf, I had internal congenital deformity of dorsal lumbar spine which can hardly detected without any chest cray, my all report in gamca was OK only they had rejected me because of the little curve in my spinal chord, please do something to GAMCA let them explain and somebody teach them about medical fitness and unfitness.

  40. Andrew says:

    I think its high time we stop migrating to shitty countries Like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, where human rights are simply exploited. Just cant imagine why people want to put themselves in trouble trying to make a little more money

  41. Sameer says:


    I got yellow paper for family visa in Saudi .

    When she went to GAMCA , She has been said she is TPHA reactive, has been asked to come after 15 days.

    Please suggest me.

    Whether she is been declared UNFIT or it’s just a matter of treatment.

    Is there any other alternative for housewife

    Regards ,

  42. anit1983 says:

    everyone tell me if should undergo for phase 1 medical for GAMCA knowing that i have the history of PTB but i am healed just a lungscars.We know that they not letting ofw to be fit even we dont have any deceased and not harmful to anyone.should i tke medical so that i cant let my money spend it fot not cost becaused its useless anyway! pls reply.

  43. melanie says:

    why they unfit the person with lung scar even its cured since a long time ago hope u will help us many of us hoping to workabroad to give a better future to our family but now we stuck to this stupid medical law (GAMCA) :(

  44. Riyaz says:

    Dear sir..

    I was selected for company from qatar they asked me to get medical test done from Gamca … due to small mark in lung found in x-ray they did not clear my medical.. and clearly said this is not at all harmfull to you or others but as per gamca conditions we cannot declare you as fit. It is very disoppointing… due to this my visa is pending from company

    Please suggest if any alternnative options

    Allah hafiz

  45. rakesh kumar says:

    I have done GAMCA test from mumbai based bahrainwalla clinic.
    But after all the test he is not giving certificate for fit, neither unfit.he says u have cold.But hen i tested from other private doctor.I am medically fit .with no symptoms..It has created a problem now.
    I have gone thrice for the retest but still the same issue .of cold. though i don’t have.

    this doctor is either cheating or don;t know why he is behaving such way.

    need to do medical do i complain.and where.I am in deep trouble.please help

    • rakesh kumar says:

      To be frank is there any alternate to do medical test again from other doctor, as i have asked GAMCA they told you can do after 2 months time.
      I can’t wait such long.please suggest and reply.

  46. misbah says:

    what the fuck gamca made the rules, are they no aware of science

  47. misbah says:

    first of all the gamca should learn the medical science that which disease is harmful.x ray calcification is not a disease.

  48. DenisFMAIL.COM says:

    does slight disability due to polio for a teaching job in Saudi Arabia makes a person unfit medically

  49. M Hussain khan says:

    Assalmunalikum all the depertment of gamca and their allies who working in these organization.i have nothing to say possible the common diseases exemption and help the especially poor people.who depend and run their family by Arabian countries .

  50. Saleem says:

    Dear Sir…

    In Past 2004 due to some injury my left hand side 5th rib was completely taken out of my body…

    At present I completed my Graduation & Ongoing to move to Gulf ..But some of the people was saying that you will be rejected on the process of Medical (G.C.C) Can Any One Suggest me Any Suggestions ….How To Proceed For Medical

  51. raji says:

    gamca is giving strees to everybody.

  52. Deven says:

    I have been staying in Gulf for the last 19 years. I recently came from Bahrain and I did my medical to go to Qatar. It said Unfit. I have Emirates ID Valid till 2015 October and Bahrain ID Valid till 2018 and been working in Gulf for 19 years and still the Doctor says I am Unfit.

  53. Ed Cuisia says:

    Abolish Gamca Medical Policy

  54. Jonam says:

    Friends i dont have any problem with my health never got any problem regarding my chest,now i got UN-FIT due dot in chest .Hence i desided to pay more money to GAMCA medical centre to give me FIT.

    As they said you have scar or dot in your chest you cant go,till when should i wait as already resign my job here.Althoug they are ready to give FIT if i am paying them more money.

    Rest lets see what will happen in Saudi Arabia………Hope Allah will help there.

  55. Farah says:

    Yes I strongly support to abolish GAMCA MEDICAL POLICY,Pulmonary fibrosis and thickening is not a disease,I hope they will revise their policy,many of us are suffering because of it,

    • pelinda mole says:

      Please add one more point in GCC norms. Kindly educate how to read the x ray film for gamca approval doctors. Please update their knowledge. Please don’t play with the poor people. They are expecting money only. Huma centre nandanam unfit me without any reason. They have collected rs.6500 but receipt for rs4250. Stafg are treating us like illiterate. fraud group money minded.

  56. safiya says:

    why they are doing this and what is our government doing they don’t have eye to read the feed back to the sufferer so why they made this column and who are the responsible of all these fraud what they do if no one is here to prevent these type of scam then no need to this drama where is the soul of Indian doctors …really shocking the feedback and yet no recovery and no response it is so Shem full thing …in India we give lots of respect to the doctors please just once don’t do work for money work for your soul your humanity …..really very much disappointment …but you know I am sure nothing would change as usual so keep it up do as you doing ,,,,make money,,play with poor’s,,and please also commit them that you are not that I’ll come again for next medical ,so that you make earn more money ,,always have the blood poor people who have lots of dreamz to do something for their family but you don’t worry you gyus make your money keep it up well done ,,,,,,the great India and great doctors jai hind

  57. krishnadas says:

    all i want to ask is the medical centre’s approved by gamca.r they solely operated by gcc countries or does our govt have any knot of control over them..i mean..i under went medical examination in a gamca center located in trivandrum..and was fit in every regulations regarding blood and chest xray showed a slight curve in my chest alignment..which was inborn..from the time of birth..they prescribed some medicine for a week..for this issue and retook xray(continous are harfmful) next week..and again sealed unfit..i discussed the matter with my sponser in oman..and he said that the chest alignmet was never a criteria in oman all they are strict are for the fact with blood and urine tb and aids…when asked about this to medical centre they were like if u know better do it on your own way..or bribe someone in the central ministry if you know..and when i added that my sponsor is ready with the visa in about 15 days or so..they said that it wasnt their problem..and to let go the idea of job in gcc..even the failure was not that painful as their attitude..born with a curved alignment and it cant b straigtened..but it would never inetrfere my job as the nature of my job has nothing to do with physical labour..and my sponsor is willing..but negativity for curved alignment..though i care for the result i want to state a complaint against this centre for being so adament and hurting and lack of consideration….is there any gamca the country..and if any one can inform me about whether chest alignment a criteria of objection..i m doing my part of searching..and if anybody can help….

  58. sri says:

    Dear Friends ,

    I had medical test in mumbai … that was unfit , the medical center person said that your X ray problem you have fibrosis .. and request him i dont have any problem since my childhood already i went to saudi i have worked three years there i explained him and then they taken second X ray result is same … i went to second opinion from previte MD doctor X ray Ok and very clear no fibrosis .. and his given fit certificate i shown gamca clinic people they are not accept … and then went consumer court against the fake report they are cross checked all report and they declared that was fake report immediately sent notice to clinc and then they approached me and asked withdrew case we will give fit report … so i am requesting to people who are facing problems from gamca please approached the courts then indian govt will notice this kind of activities and then seage the fake medical centres , it is big crime to give the fake reports … Indians honer will collapse in front of other countries like GCC … many gulf countries they dont know about fake reports what they will thin all indian are having medical problem which mean indian govt will not provide health secure to their own people … international ill health ratio will be high rate … bcz of this fake reports …

    i am requesting to gamca please review the medical guide lines … scars cant be harm to ppl

  59. MK says:

    GAMCA medical centers in india play with people in X Ray(common people don’t know nothing about X ray .So X Ray shall not be done here and shall be done in GCC destination country only

  60. MK says:

    GAMCA is the most foolish system in the whole universe. GAMCA authority believes that GAMCA medical centers use high-tech machines so result will be perfect.But reporting is not done by machinery,GAMCA medical centers in India are big traps & very hard to escape from.Also it is much difficult for getting FIT report (even if one is fit) than passing any interview

    I’m going to make facebook group for Indian GAMCA victims ( people who are Medically FIT & made UNFIT by GAMCA in India). plz corporate


  61. MK says:

    Govt.of India & IMA must take actions to stop GAMCA in India

  62. The Man says:

    Friends, does anyone know whether GAMCA has a service or an e-mail to raise complains against the unfair activities taken place in GAMCA? The situation in Sri Lanka is no better than anywhere in the world. Some of the basic equipment used by them such as the Pressure Gauge are outdated. Some of the medical centres such as Ohlum in Borella (Sri Lanka) have X-ray rooms where there is no curtain, and have windows that are open to outside. Women have to undress themselves in this room. Why isn’t there any governing body to monitor GAMCA activities and their standards I wonder. They do not publish the guidelines under which a person shall be considered medically unfit to work in the UAE. They completely exploit the money of poor people, and grossly violate the human rights of any person to work, which goes against universally accepted health norms, international conventions etc. Colleagues in other countries, tell me whether they get a signature from you on an open declaration saying that they are not responsible for anything happens for your employment due to a fault in their medical report? In Sri Lanka they get that declaration. The process is not negotiable. Poor people cannot argue with them because they are the sole authority. GAMCA go to hell.

  63. Thomas John says:

    I had an oppertunity to Oman and for that I had one medical test in Chennai with Gulshan Clinic, he told me that, you have some chest problem. So he referred me to Liberty scans, where I take scanning and found that “no abnormality” the report I given to the clinic and in the Evening his report come us medically unfit due to fibrosis. Immediately I take one C.T. Scan in Govt. Medical college, Chennai and report come us every this is normal. Again I taken one X-ray from Liberty scans and found that no abnormality. I worked in Saudi Arabia every where I am fit. Why the GAMCA is doing this way. The peoples are losing their oppertunities due to this agency.

  64. Thomas John says:

    GAMCA Clinics making unfit with X-ray. They refered for C.T.Scan and showing no abnormality. Eventhough report is Fibrosis. If Fibrosis is there, it must be come in the C.T..Scan. GAMCA is making every body fool. I.M.A. should take action against the doctors who were working against medical ethics

  65. taj raza says:

    my son was appeaed for medical check up one GAMCA centre in pakistan. On the date of result, they advised him to come after 10 days as there is some signs of HCV in his blood. He carried out check up from out side some 4 laboratories but his result are negative. At last the Doctor advised him to carryout check from Shoukat Khanum Hospital Lahore . The result he received negative, so the Doctors advised him that when his blood results are negative how they prescribe any medicines for him. But the GEMCA Centre refused to review his report and told him to come after 06 months. It is injustice who will consider our appeal against this controversy of GAMCA

  66. taj raza says:

    my son was appeared for medical check up one GAMCA centre in pakistan. On the date of result, they advised him to come after 10 days as there is some signs of HCV in his blood. He carried out check up from out side some 4 laboratories but his result are negative. At last the Doctor advised him to carryout check from Shoukat Khanum Hospital Lahore . The result he received negative, so the Doctors advised him that when his blood results are negative how they prescribe any medicines for him. But the GEMCA Centre refused to review his report and told him to come after 06 months. It is injustice who will consider our appeal against this controversy of GAMCA

  67. Parvez A Khan says:

    I have had a broken tibia and fibulla in May when i was in oman and underwent surgery with plate ,screw in tibia and pin in the fibulla in uae.i feel my leg to be stiff still with little pain now I have been selected to work as planning engineer in an organisation in Qatar. Can I clear GAMCA Medical examination.

  68. umar khan says:

    i did medical in gamca hyd mesco and it shows me unfit due to x-ray problem having calcification on lungs.
    when i show to other doctor he told me that it is not a disease and u r fit.
    when should i do my next it possible to after 2 or 3 months.
    please somebody help me this issue

    • Jonam says:

      I also had a same problem in August but these bull shit people at GAMCA are not able to understand this.My doctor also says its just calcification and it is not a disease.Allah………….give them some knowledge about all these things.

  69. Shafique Khan says:

    GCC approved medical examiners (GAMCA) in Mumbai are running big scam.
    No measles vaccine is given, No urine & Stool sample was collected, No ECG was been done but they have shown everything was done on medical certificate.
    I have experienced it twice don’t wanna name any specific doctors as I am sure there will be a big chain of this false practitioners.
    I appeal there should be some routine check/search/visit by concerned authorities on this doctors.
    We treat them as GOD’s and they are worse than evils now…
    Shame on them…

  70. Jade says:

    GAMCA is just a Monopoly of Dumb Arab Nations to make money out of migrant workers who work for their country.

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