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Filipina Maid Describes Her Torture in the Household of a Syrian Actor

On March 2, 2011

Below is an extremely disturbing video that has recently surfaced online. In it, a Filipina maid shares the story of the torture she underwent in the household of her employer, who happens to be a famous Syrian actor, Samer Al-Masri. On top of being abused in the most severe manner, the maid was not paid for her work during the three years of employment, making her a slave. According to doctors who examined the maid, she is suffering from infections, deep wounds and fractures. Previous signs of torture are also visible on her body. A fracture of her shoulders that went untreated resulting in a malunion (when bones reconnect in a wrong way). According to some reports, the maid did not complain about the torture because the actor's wife, Niveen, threatened to kill her. Since Niveen became the prime suspect and wanted for questioning, she has disappeared.

Below are the English translation of the video:

Investigator: What happened with you?
Maid: Madam hit me!
I: Show us your hands and arms! (She shows an old unhealed broken elbow).
M: She hit me with the hammer, hit me with the knife, and seared me with the iron.
I: Who did that to you?
M: Madam!
I: Madam who?
M: Niveen.
I: What is the name of her husband?
M: Samer Al-Masri.
I: Samer Al-Masri, the actor?!
M: Yes!
I: Can you show us your back? Turn around please! (The maid turns around to show bruises, wounds, haematoma, and pierces on many parts of her back).
M: She kicked me with her boots.
I: Did you receive your money?
M: No!
I: How long have you worked for them?
M: 3 years without wage.
I: Is there any pierce in your stomach or chest?!
M: In my head. She used to push my head in the wall. And also cut my teeth.