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Migrant Communities from War-Affected Countries, Part III

The 19th Cycle fellows’ recent survey delved into exploring themes of identity and long-term belonging in relation to migrant communities in Kuwait and Qatar (Countries of Destination/CoDs) from war-affected countries, specifically focusing on Palestine, Syria, and Sudan. Uncovering intriguing trends and perspectives, from shifting labour laws to the impact of migrant communities in the CoDs, these findings provide a compelling snapshot of the current realities experienced by migrant communities.

In a world constantly changing and evolving, the concept of identity and belonging has become increasingly complex and subjective, especially for migrant communities. We attempted to examine individuals living in Kuwait and Qatar which included both nationals and non-nationals to gain a deeper understanding of their stance on social, economic, cultural, and political barriers migrant communities are facing. It was truly enlightening to see the various opinions and points of views. The overwhelming responses provided a sense of humanity and solidarity that we see little of in today’s society. Despite the ongoing wars and atrocities, people have not been desensitized and continue to care, giving hope for the upcoming generations.

Call to Action:
With the insights we've gathered and the wealth of knowledge available online, we invite you, our readers, to initiate meaningful conversations with those around you. Share your thoughts and insights on diverse situations, keep an open mind and the willingness to learn and unlearn, and stay updated on global affairs. In doing so, let's collectively foster a culture of respect and kindness towards migrant communities. Show them compassion and assure them that they are not alone in a foreign country, far from their loved ones. - 19th Cycle Fellows

Identity and Long-Term Belonging in CoDs

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