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Buying Breitling can be quite an expensive affair. Most of the popular and high-quality watches brands like rolex, replica breitling and omega, you need to pay at least 5000$ for a Breitling. The perfect alternative for these expensive watches brands is to look for replica watches . Chinese replica watch make quite decent replica Breitling at a significantly lower price.

Yes, with current public demand for all things vintage, it would be stupid not to ride the wave when you have something special to offer and, boy, the Swiss brand does that in style.

Case, Bezel & Strap

This anniversary edition model reproduces the exterior of the original watch in a faithful fashion, although some things look different (and, truth be told, I am not sure whether I like -or at least okay with- the way the watchmaking specialist decided to pinch pennies on the minor elements described below.)


I wasn’t able to find information regarding the 1967 model’s mechanical guts. after all, when you have a stash of ready to case calibers and a bunch of workers trained to handle them in an efficient fashion, why would you experiment with other movements? I mean, those were 1960s: people buying mass-produced luxury watches weren’t as obsessed wondering what kind of Swiss made mechanism defines them as persons, were they?

Dial & Legibility

The most prominent thing about the fake Breitling Chronomat B01 Black Pilotband Steel 44 mm dial -besides the signature “Black Lung” logo that is placed at its historic place between 7 and 8 o’clock- is, of course, the iconic “dwarf” hour hand: a design that the Swiss brand has been using for the last fifty years or so.

For a normal timepiece, the design where the hour hand is significantly smaller than the minute pointer would be a major blow in terms of overall readability and common logic. However, if you take just a moment to consider that this is primarily a diving watch, you may come to the same conclusion as yours truly: the relative proportions of the hands actually do a pretty good job at -here comes a bit of a surprise for some persons- telling dive time!

Pricing & Availability

When Breitling Chronomat B01 Black Pilotband Steel 44 mm department first disseminated news release regarding their upcoming re-issue, they offered an incredibly attractive price of just $2590 for those lucky three hundred persons who were willing to pre-order the watch and, in my opinion, that was very good news. The bad news, however, was that the watch sold-out faster (well, figuratively speaking) than an iPhone X: it took the Swiss watchmaker less than 24 hours to make $777,000 USD almost out of thin air. Just like that.

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