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GMA News TV (Philippines) reported today about an alarming development in the case of a Filipino worker who was raped in Saudi-Arabia this August and jailed for it. After miscarrying the fetus, the woman now faces lashing before being released.

As we’ve previously reported, the woman who worked as a janitor was raped by a Bangladeshi co-worker last August. In September, as part of the reparation process, the woman had to undergo a physical examination during which it was discovered that she’s pregnant. Since September 11 the woman has been jailed at the Hafer Al Baten Central Jail for having an “illicit affair”. Due to the bad conditions in the prison, in December she suffered a miscarriage. After spending time in the hospital she was transferred back to prison.

The form of Sharia law applied in Saudi Arabia sentences woman who have had sex out of wedlock – even in cases of unproven rape – to prison and lashing. If the woman is pregnant, the lashing is carried out after the end of the pregnancy. The number of lashes is determined in a hearing before the woman is freed. The Filipino woman told her mother over the phone that the usual number of lashings her fellow prisoners received after giving birth was a hundred lashes. The court date for this case is unknown, but according to the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, it is set to happen this month.

The woman’s salary was the sole income of her family back home. Her three children, aged 15, 14 and 5 relied on their mother’s salary to afford their education. Since September they have been unable to go to school.

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16 thoughts on “Raped Filipino Worker Faces Lashing after Miscarriage in Saudi Prison

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  2. Tariq Sharif says:

    I am utterly disgusted by how this poor woman has been treated and now truly believe that Saudi Arabia has no soul or compassion… if these are results of the “laws” in their land then i can understand why the west think all Arabs are backwards…. sadly ….. the few out voice the many….

  3. [...] Wo diese News herkommt? Eindeutig aus dem fernsüdöstlichen Teil der Erde. Speziell: Saudi Arabien. Eine phillipinische Gastarbeiterin wurde letztes Jahr August vergewaltigt und in Folge dessen für diese ,,illegale Beziehung” ins Gefängnis gesteckt. Da sie zum Zeitpunnkt des Gefängnisaufenthalts schwanger war, ist die Scharia so gnädig und fordert die Auspeitschung erst nach Austragung der Leibesfrucht. Das besonders schlimme am Fall: Die arme bekam eine Fehlgeburt. Als ob das nicht genug Leiden wären, wird sie nun noch mit 100 Peitschenschlägen bestraft. Ein trauriges Rechtssystem! Mit diesem Post verabschiede ich mich verfrüht ins Wochenende! Quelle: Migrant Rights [...]

  4. [...] The story is astounding. Camille (of course, not here real name), 35-years-old, travelled to Saudi Arabia in spring of 2009 to work as a janitor in order to support three children aged 15, 14 and 5. She was raped by a Bangladeshi coworker in August. In Saudi Arabia, all sex outside of marriage — including rape and sexual assault — can result in prison and lashings under their extreme interpetation of Sharia. [...]

  5. Where is her government? I understand obeying foreign laws when in foreign lands, but this person didn’t actually break a law. Countries need to be more open with their citizens about what will happen to them if they go to Islamic countries, especially women. Her government needs to evacuate all citizens and end diplomatic ties. Unfortunately, her country is corrupt and it is always about the money (for the lawmakers, not much will get to public use).

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  7. So far I thought, Saudi Arabia was a civilized country.

    Religion is easily abused to justify other interests. If God would be displeased with this woman, he could take action – since he is considered to be almighty. We do not think. Because why should an almighty being need us, to interpret his will on others???
    Actually, what Saudi Arabia intends to do or has carried out already means, that this country doesn´t believe, that God is able to take care of his business and that he instead needs our very, very limited mind to carry out his interests. This looks like blasphemy.

    Saudia Arabia, did you think about that? Neither you nor anyone else needs to find himself compelled to torture this lady on any divine behalf. Please Saudi Arabia, have mercy on yourselves and then let that mercy flow to this woman, who has suffered enough and already too much. Wake up to your own feelings and then you can feel that wonderful lady.

  8. Liz says:

    Flippin Terry you idiot, it doesnt matter if you are a japanese slut, they will always find a foreigner guilty. And dont even tell me that Japan is not corrupt. ITs the biggest mafia town in the world. Ask the japanese people, they live in a hut 20 people in a house.

  9. Ian says:



    Are you sure you’ve got your geography right? It’s one of the most advanced countries on the planet. More shocking news just in; , Japan isn’t actually a town, believe it or not, it’s a country.

  10. Diana says:

    Who said anything about Japan? This lady is a Filipina.

    And, yes, Saudis are insane. I am moving there this summer and the thought terrifies me.

  11. Debbie says:

    Obviously Liz has never been to Japan! However, I have and I lived there for several years… never seen 20 people in a hut, but as for organized crime… it’s in every country and yes, even in every city… just to a smaller degree by greedier people.
    I must say spankings as we Americans define them may not be a bad idea to have done in public… something needs to happen to perhaps impress upon today’s youth there is a consequence for your actions.

  12. [...] Raped Filipino Worker Faces Lashing after Miscarriage in Saudi Prison A Filipino woman who worked as a janitor in Saudi Arabia was raped in August of last year by a Bangladeshi co-worker and became pregnant as a result. Her pregnancy was discovered in September during a medical checkup and she was thrown to jail because the police did not accept her version that she was raped, and instead ruled that she had an “illicit affair”. Last month the woman suffered a miscarriage in prison and she is now facing lashings before being deported back to the Philippines. [...]

  13. Of course it’s Saudi. This happens all the time there. Yet we are still their allies. I say we get a strong pres back in office break off relations with them, pull all the troops out of the mid east region and let them kill themselves. Cut off all of the outside information and entertainment to them all oil equipment and block shipping from the mid east countries. OMG 15 dollars a gallon gas. Big Bertha down in Alabama better lose weight so that little 50 cc scooter she will have to ride will move more than 3 MPh
    or 8 Km/h/. I know I sound bad but here is an explanation of me. I don’t believe the US should be fighting a war there. If the people got together and asked thats one thing. I believe that global warming or not NO ONE in the USA needs a full size pickup unless its for worm. NO suburban housewives with a Chevy Suburban for hauling 2 kids. We should mind our own business in the world. millions died to free the world from Hitler. Would that happen today? NO! People today don’t know what it is to live a hard life. I was raised by my great grandparents and even knew my great great grandfather. i was told stories from the both of them about how life was NO air conditioners, no televisions litte or no radio. Both world wars watching your friends heads blown off. No we have a hi ten pregnancy rate. Out of control kids and PETA. I like animals but a fly? Give me a break.

  14. Mohd Ijaz says:

    After read this rape story one question is coming in my mind since i am reading some difference stories, I didn’t see any rich women or men who is involving such like case and get punishment? Always why always poor people are arresting it mean rich peoples are not doing anything wrong. Country law is always for poor, why rich peoples are not doing any thing wrong.

  15. STRONG says:


  16. Pilar says:

    Why does the Prominent people in Saudi Arabia who has concubines are not subject by this punishment? Even the Saudi Princes here are having a lot of concubines. Maybe the religious authorities are just afraid of them. Therefore, where is that STRICT SHARIA LAW they implement here in Saudi ?!?!?!

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