Across the GCC, executes advocacy and outreach amongst employers, businesses and young citizens, to bring about a change in attitudes towards migrant labour. We do this by creating tools and developing ideas to fill the information gap. These are some of our initiatives.

Business Outreach

Most large organisations have high recruitment and employment standards for those directly in their employ. The same may not be true for those indirectly associated with these organisations. We create tools and provide tips – working with legal and sector-specific experts – on how to navigate issues surrounding this vulnerable group.

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Ensaniyat is a project with a two-fold mission. The first is looking at the responsibility of businesses in sub-contracting facilities management in Qatar. The second part of the project works with students in Qatar and Kuwait on changing perceptions of domestic workers in the region.

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Project Bridges

Project Bridges aims to reduce the isolation of migrant domestic workers in the Gulf by advocating with employers of domestic workers, influential institutions, and governments of origin and destination. Bridges works on recruitment reform, improving relationships between employers and migrant domestic workers, and encouraging governments in countries of origin act responsibly. This is a partnership between and Hivos.

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Advancing the rights of migrant workers throughout the Middle East