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180 Workers to be Deported

On March 29, 2007

"So what?" many would ask. "That happens all the time here in the Arabian Gulf," some would add.

I'm guessing that the fact that THESE 180 workers are to be deported without having been paid for the past 4 months is also a normal thing here in the Gulf. These men, all of Afghani nationality, came to UAE 'illegally'. What a normal government would do is register them either in one of the immigrant camps with other immigrants awaiting to be issued a place to stay and work or waiting to be deported back to their respective countries after all the paperwork is done.


But no. Not this government. It is reported that some government department hired these men to work at construction sites instead of deporting them. I understand that. But why not issue them working visas so they at least have something to show the authorities if questioned? Now they haven't been paid for the 4 months they have been working and are now detained in some jail waiting to receive their air tickets and out passes (exit visa).

I'm guessing none of those 180 detainees thought that some at that local government department saw them as a quick and cheap way to score some money. I'm guessing all they thought was how fortunate they were to be 'hired' to work so they could probably live better lives or even send some money back home. Pity not these men, but those whose souls are forever going to carry the burden these men have been through those 4 months.