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Saudi Arabia: Willing to act against abuse of domestic workers?

On August 5, 2008

Many domestic workers have been abused in Saudi Arabia. In fact the situation is so bad that some maids are even beaten to death. The country has yet to react in an effective manner, and for at least a decade it has been unresponsive to common reports of abuse. Earlier last month the Saudi government publicizes the fact that it is willing to do something about the crisis of domestic workers in the region, who are to this day in desperate need for legal protection:

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia vowed to end violations of human rights of foreign domestic workers, a labour official said in remarks published Wednesday, a day after a report revealed that thousands endure beatings and other abuses.

However, it is rather unpromising that the Saudi government continues to act as if the situation is not as bad as it reportedly is and as documented throughout this website:

Many domestic workers are denied their wages and some have worked under slavery-like conditions, the [Human Rights Watch] report said.

The Saudi official dismissed the report, saying it 'lacks credibility, which should be an essential component of such work.'

A copy of the full story can be found here.

Will Saudi Arabia finally react appropriately and protect the human rights of domestic workers more effectively throughout the country?

The government made no promises, but we are waiting!