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Sri Lanka wants maids to go to Europe, avoid Gulf

On August 17, 2008

This news, previously reported here and here, is still being written about in international news outlets. Once again it shows the act of despair from the Sri Lankan government, which sees no other way to prevent abuse against Sri Lankan maids, something that has become common in the Gulf region. None of the region's governments have taken effective steps in tackling this situation or improving the living conditions of domestic workers.

In an online Sindh newspaper, the news is as follows:

Colombo, Aug 17 (IANS) The Sri Lankan government is seeking to encourage women migrants to look for jobs in European countries instead of in the Gulf because of persistent complaints of mistreatment and poor working conditions.

Over 100,000 women workers go abroad to work as house maids every year, but the Sri Lankan government is now looking at ways for women workers to acquire a higher grade of skills to make them eligible for short-term work contracts in a new set of countries.

However this is not to do with the economy, but rather to do with the number of abuse [Reuters] that has taken place in the region.