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Panel seeks to help domestic workers

On September 15, 2008

The Peninsula, Qatar's leading English newspaper, recently reported the following hopeful news:

Doha - The National Office for Combating Human Trafficking (NOCHT) has launched an initiative to resolve the grievances of domestic helpers and their disputes with their employers, in collaboration with the embassies of the countries from where the workers are hired.

Mariam Al Malki, NOCHT Director, said the office had planned the initiative in cooperation with government and non-governmental bodies as part of its effort to combat human trafficking.

"NOCHT is conducting periodic meetings with members of diplomatic missions of major domestic worker-exporting countries, like Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia. The aim is to discuss ways of resolving prevailing conflicts between the domestic helpers and their sponsors," she said.

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We hope that this panel would lead to constructive solutions, specifically within the legal system, to protect domestic workers against all forms of abuse.