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Research Grants: Migrant Labor in the Gulf

On October 29, 2008

The following alert from Georgetown University may be of interest to this site's readers:

Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar's Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) announces the launching of a major research initiative designed to enhance our understanding of migrant labor issues in the Gulf. CIRS will award a number of research grants designed to support original, empirically-grounded research involving fieldwork on topics related to migrant labor in the Gulf. Award recipients are expected to become active participants in the CIRS research initiative on the issue. The awards can last up to a maximum of two years, with a possibility of renewal.

Researchers interested in applying should send a cover letter and a detailed research proposal that conforms to the guidelines outlined on the CIRS website. Before applying, candidates are strongly urged to consult the Request for Proposals on the CIRS website.

Review of proposals begins on February 15, 2009 and will last until the research funds are allocated. For inquiries and grant application submission, please contact [email protected].