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Jordan: Gravelly Ill Indonesian Maid Abandoned by Employer

On September 30, 2009

The Jordan Times recently reported about a brutal case of abuse of a 28-year-old Indonesian domestic worker in Jordan. Jordanian authorities are suspecting that the employer of the maid, who is a doctor, abandoned her near the Amman Health Directorate earlier this month. The health authorities rushed her to the hospital, as she was bleeding due to advanced tuberculosis and weighed only 20 kilograms. According to the Indonesian embassy in Amman, the domestic helper was also not given her salary since January of 2008. Currently, the maid is recovering in a hospital, now weighing 29 kilograms, and the abusive employer agreed to pay back all the salaries he owes her. The report also mentions that last month, hundreds of "allegedly abused" Indonesian workers have left Jordan, with the assistance of the Indonesian embassy.