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Bahraini Man Claims that he "Accidentaly" Killed his Maid When Dumping Her Body

On October 6, 2009

A Bahraini man charged with killing his Indonesian housemaid denies premeditated murder in his trial, the Gulf Daily News reported today. According to the persecution, last September the man tried to strangle the maid, and when he didn't succeed in killing her with his bare hands, he slit her throat. The man was arrested after he was spotted dumping the body of the maid, Ami Tursiya Takiyat (29), in a wasteland in Sitra. The authorities believe that the maid was still alive and bleeding from her throat when her Bahraini employer took her to the wasteland near his home.

According to the defendant's lawyer, because the maid irritated the defendant by insulting him, he threw a screwdriver at her, hitting her head. After she collapsed, he checked her pulse, and thought that she had died. He then tried to dispose of her body. The lawyer claims that the man did not strangle the maid. Rather, he accidentally killed her when dumping her body, or she died because of the long time she was kept in a car, before the man got a chance to dump her body.