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Indonesian Sex Slave in Saudi Arabia Shares her Harrowing Tale

On November 28, 2009

CNN carried a report last week about a former Indonesian sex slave in Saudi Arabia.
At the age of 17 the woman was promised a job as a maid in Saudi Arabia by an Indonesian recruitment agency. Coming from a poor family, she was happy to be selected for the job out of hundreds of other women. The employer asked for a "virgin, brown-skinned, tall housemaid", the woman recalled.

Two weeks after she had arrived to the sponsor's house, her abuse began. She was constantly molested, asked to massage a man's privates, and threatened that if she refused, she won't get paid. At her first chance to escape, the woman fled her employer and ended up in a shelter run by Indonesian. But the relief she felt was misleading - she was sold to a pimp for $1,300 and forced to work as a sex slave. She was raped and sodomized for over a year on a daily basis. She managed to escape when Saudi police raided the brothel. However, her misery didn't end there; she was jailed for six months and only then deported back home.

The woman reported her case to the police, but the Indonesian agency that employed her has since disappeared.