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Kuwait: 8 Suicide or Suicide Attempts by Migrant Workers in 2 Weeks

On November 11, 2009

The Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas reported today about a case of a Nepalese housemaid who tried to kill herself by jumping off the roof of her employer's house on the first floor in Mahboula, a suburb of Kuwait City. The emergency crews that arrived at the scene yesterday morning found the maid with multiple fractures in her arms and legs.

Over the last two weeks in Kuwait there have been eight reported cases of suicide or attempted suicides by migrant workers. On October 26, an Indonesian maid killed herself by jumping from high. On October 29, an Indian maid committed suicide by jumping from a roof. On November 1, Ethiopian maid attempted suicide by cutting herself. On November 6, a Bangladeshi men jumped off the third floor. On November 8, a Nepalese and Indonesian maids attempted suicide. On November 9, the body of an "Asian" was found in East Ahmadi, a district of Kuwait City and investigators concluded that the worker fell from the neighboring roof.

What misery, desperation and helplessness these workers must feel when they step out on that roof! Despite what Kuwaiti authorities and state-run media assure us time and time again, serious investigations into these suicides are not carried out. We are yet to hear about any sponsor being persecuted for abusing his maid and driving her to suicide. No one in government seems to care about the miserable conditions and abuse these workers suffer that drive them to these acts of desperation.