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89 OFWs Awaiting Repatriation from Saudi

On December 3, 2009

89 Philippine nationals are waiting to be repatriated from Riyadh, Saudi, after quitting their jobs with a Saudi company due to labour malpractices, according to this article in The Enquirer. Their employer, Annabasan Co., reportedly withheld wages and cut payment illegally. The employees were also not provided with medical insurance as specified in their contract.

Not only this, but Annabasan Co. is still demanding money from the workers themselves, according to John Leonard Monterona, Regional Co-ordinator of Migrante-Middle East:

“The employer of the 89 distress OFWs is still insisting that the 89 OFWs must pay each one an amount ranging 4,000 to 8,000 Saudi Riyals (equivalent to P48,000 to P97,000) as payment for their deployment cost—which is highly questionable and unjustifiable”

The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs is reportedly negotiating with Annabasan Co., but the fate of the 89 OFWs remains uncertain.