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Israel NGO Encourages Employers to Force their Non-Jewish Workers to Sign Loyalty Pledges to the Jewish People

On March 7, 2010

Recently an Israeli NGO distributed leaflets in at least two cities calling on Israelis to force their non-Jewish workers to sign documents that pledge loyalty to the Jewish people.

Over the last month the Lobby for Jewish Values, an anti-gentile NGO, distributed leaflets in Safad and Ashdod calling for employers to force their non-Jewish workers to sign a "loyalty pledge" to the Jewish people. The leaflets urged Israelis to make sure that their non-Jewish workers are not idol worshipers and abide by the Seven Laws of Noah: prohibitions of idolatry, murder, theft, sexual promiscuity, blasphemy, eating flesh taken from an animal while still alive, as well as the requirement to have just laws.

The leaflets call on Israelis to force their workers to sign a legal document, which states that if they are caught violating the Seven Laws, their employer has the right to fire them without any warning and without paying compensations.

Rabbi Asher Idan who is behind the distribution of the leaflets in Ashdod claimed that the prohibitions are "only" designed to prevent idol worshiping, but an official in the Lobby for Jewish Values admitted that "the emphasis is on prohibiting hiring Arabs, especially the foreign ones [Palestinians], Chinese and Darfurians".

Below is the translation of the agreement employers are encouraged to force workers to sign.

I am, the below signed, Mr. ___

Hereby confirm that I promise to uphold the Seven Laws of Noah, as they will be explained to me verbally, and that they are a pledge of loyalty on my behalf to the Jewish people and Jewish values,

and I acknowledge that if I am caught violation any one of them [of the Laws], my employer is entitled to fire me without a warning, and without compensation, without preventing any of the sides from suing,

and I acknowledge that this signature is a legal signature for any purpose,

and I acknowledge that this signature does not mean that I am allowed by the halacha [Jewish religious law] to live in this city, or in any other part of the Land of Israel, and I am here only for "purposes of work and employment",

and I acknowledge that when it comes to living or requesting to live here in this city or in any other part of the Land of Israel, even temporary dwelling, I am obligated to move away [once the employment is completed] and report to my employer and receive his permission,

and any untruthful or forged signature here is a felony.

This type of religious intolerance seems to be a trademark in coverage of countries like Saudi Arabia, as this kind of blatant racism is ignored by the mainstream media when it comes to Israel.