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Safe Haven for Indonesian Migrant Babies

On April 19, 2010

Baby Nayla was born to an Indonesian migrant worker in the bathroom of a Saudi jail last year. Her mother, Rahma, who had been working as a maid, was raped after she left the house of her employer, who had been withholding her wages. , was jailed for not having any papers on her (they had been confiscated by her employer). When she was released from jail, Rahma returned home to Indonesia but could not bring her baby with her as he refused to accept her. Nayla has been staying with local NGO Rumah Peduli Anak Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (RPA-TKI), which takes care of babies born to migrant workers during their time abroad.

Rape of migrant workers is a common phenomenon and many women return home each year with a child in tow - but the consequences can be painful for both mother and baby. RPA-TKI provides a safe environment in which mothers can leave their babies until they are able to take them back home - and if they can't do this, the NGO will help to facilitate a legal adoption. Trafficking of such babies is becoming a serious problem, according to the organization's directors. Babies were 'selling like goats' at the airport, the organisation's director Yudhi Ramdani, told The Jakarta Post.

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