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Al-Jazeera highlights lack of protection of Filipino migrant workers in the Middle East

On October 20, 2010

This week, Al-Jazeera English filed two reports from the Philippines about Filipino migrant workers in the Middle East and the lack of protection offered to them.

The first report includes interviews with families of deceased Filipino domestic workers. It includes an interview with family members of an abused maid in Jordan who was not given her salary and forbidden to contact her family for two years. Her autopsy report ruled that she died of natural causes. Another interview is with family members of Romilyn Eroy-Ybañez, who was brutally murdered in her sponsor's house in Saudi Arabia this September.

The second report discusses the difficulties the Philippine government is having when trying to protect its workers overseas. The report mentions that Filipino workers are willing to take the huge risk of being abused and killed in the Middle East in order to provide for their families back home.