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Kuwait: Escape attempts end with death

On April 24, 2011

The sad Kuwaiti film keeps repeating itself with maids trying to commit suicide or run away from the houses where they get mistreated, humiliated, abused, or harassed.

On the 22th of April, Al-Watan Arabic daily newspaper reported that a Philippine maid tried to escape using a robe from the third floor of a building in Salmiya where she works, but the robe got torn while she was holding to it. The maid was transferred to the hospital immediately suffering from severe injuries. The same newspaper reported a similar incident done involving an Ethiopian maid in Nuqra area, but this time the escape attempt led to the death of the maid, as reported on the 20th of April.

Another newspaper, Al-Qabas Arabic daily, reported on the 15th of April an incident of an Asian maid who wanted to escape her sponsors' house in Salmiya but fell from the second floor and was transferred to the hospital where she passed away due to serious injuries and brain damage. The same report states that another Asian maid tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists and was transferred to Farwaniya hospital. she will be facing investigation for her attempt once she recovers