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Kuwait: Two Maids Fail to Commit Suicide as another Gets Raped

On April 15, 2011

Reports on Asian maids getting raped and attempting suicide continue to appear on Kuwaiti newspapers. On the 7th of April, Al-Qabas Arabic daily newspaper has reported an incident of a Philippine maid that ran away from the house she works in. Her sponsor, the Kafeel, has reported her absence to the police station, and when she was found, she has been investigated on the reasons behind escaping. The Philippine maid said her house holder has raped her in the desert of "Bar Al-Salmy". The householder was investigated afterwards and he has confessed of raping her and is now facing rape charges.

The same newspaper at the same issue has reported that an Asian maid tried to run away from the house she works for by throwing herself from the 2nd floor from a building in Farwaniya area.  The maid was immediately taken to the hospital and will be investigated when her health gets better, on the reasons of her attempt. Although the newspaper said the maid was trying to runaway, the news piece was entitled "a suicide attempt"!

Two days later, on the 9th of April, Al-Wattan Arabic Daily newspaper reported an incident of an Indian maid who tried to commit suicide by swallowing some Insecticide.  The family she works for noticed her ill condition and took her to the hospital and a case was submitted for investigation. Unfortunately, Kuwaiti media has developed this habit of reporting such incidents regarding maids without following up with the cases' updates which leaves us uncertain about the condition and destiny of those victims.