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Kuwait: Maids Raped and Beaten, Others Commit Suicide

On May 8, 2011

If you keep an eye on Kuwaiti newspapers, you will reach the conclusion that at least two maids try to commit suicide every week, beside those of them who get raped, beaten, humiliated, or mistreated. On the 27th of April, the Al-Watan Arabic Newspaper reported that a Philippine maid was found on the doorsteps of Adan hospital with bruises and wounds all over her body. When questioned, the maid reported that her sponsor's son had thrown her from their apartment on the fourth floor in Mahboula area. The sponsor has been called for investigation.

Another horrific case reported in the Kuwaiti press involved a man raped a 28-year-old Ethiopian maid on the 6th of May. The incident has been reported by Kuwait Arabic daily newspaper Al-Qabas. The report stated that a man wearing a Dishdasha and Ghutra offered the Ethiopian maid a ride from Hawaly to Salmiya and when she refused his offer, he did not let go of her, and raped her behind one of the Gas stations and dropped her in one of Al-Surra area main streets after giving her his name and phone number.

Also, two suicide incidents have been reported in the past two weeks, one of them has unfortunately succeeded when an Asian maid hanged herself in her sponsor's house in Sabah Al-Salem area, as reported by Al-Qabas newspaper. The Kuwaiti female sponsor has found her maid dead in her room and immediately called police. The other suicide attempt was reported by Al-Watan, which described that an Indian maid in her 40's has taken some insecticide to end her life. She was found alive and was transferred to Mubarak Al-Kabeer hospital immediately. Swallowing insecticide is a common suicide method of maids who have access to toxic liquids as part of their job.