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Kuwait: Law Preventing Working Outdoors during the Summer

On June 11, 2011

Walking for minutes outside in the summer of Kuwait is an unpleasant experience, people often complain. Kuwaitis keep grumbling about the high temperature that reaches 60 °C in the summer, even though they drive air conditioned cars. On the other hand, migrant workers, especially those in the construction business, work the whole day facing the very difficult weather conditions. That led many to demand helping workers by sparing them from working during the hot hours of the day because it is simply inhumane.

Those demands have been standing for a long time, and at last, the Minister of social work and justice Mohammed Al-Afasy has made the decision to disallow working outdoors from 11 am till 4 pm starting from the June 1st until the end of August of every year, as reported by Kuwait news agency KUNA. This news piece also reports that 63 companies have violated the 2010 law to protect workers who work outdoors, by not taking the necessary actions to spare the workers from suffering in the high temperature and the dangers of working outdoors. Those violations were the main reason behind issuing of this new law, which was warmly welcomed.