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Kuwaiti Government Official Rejects US Report on Human Trafficking

On July 18, 2011

Kuwait has been rated many times as one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to combating human trafficking as seen in the US State Department annual reports, Human Rights Watch, and other international human rights organizations. On the 14th of July, Al-Qabas newspaper published statements by Mr. Zakaria Al-Ansari, head of international relations at the Ministry of Justice, speaking of Kuwait's attempt to enforce a law against this long ongoing inhuman practice. Al-Ansari said there are several projects that the country is trying to accomplish, including a plan to fight human trafficking, the establishment of a human rights association, and building a shelter that can fit 700 expatriates who get abused in Kuwait.

Al-Ansari said that the government committees are not the ones to blame for not accomplishing those projects, but the delay is instead the result of a democratic process, referring to the Kuwaiti parliament which, according to the constitution, is the one to decide and approve laws and plans.

Al-Ansari did not forget to attack the United States for its negative report on Kuwait especially when it comes to human rights. He said the United States is just one side and that the United Nations does not share the same evaluation of Kuwait's human rights status. He also referenced (despite the irrelevance) the commonality of prostitution in the US, and that because of this, the US is not in a position to criticize Kuwaitis for having maids living in their homes, doing house work. He also said that Mexican immigrants are persecuted in the United States, so the US has no right to criticize Kuwait.

The violation of human rights of migrant workers, including human trafficking in Kuwait, are absolutely inexcusable and it is irrelevant to compare Kuwait to any other country to justify its own human rights abuses.