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Family of  Maid Doubts Saudi Suicide Finding

On August 11, 2011

Ernawati, an Indonesian worker died in Saudi Arabia. She was presumed to have commited suicide. Her family dares to disagree. They urged local authorities to perform a second autopsy on her body. They believe her death might be a direct cause of abuse and beating by her employer.

These kinds of situation are becoming too common in the region and in Middle Eastern countries. To give Lebanon as an example, a country where the average rate of "suicide" of migrant workers is 1...per week. Almost all those cases turn out to be suicides after the "serious police investigations" are made. They, unfortunately, in many times are not. Civil society and activists on migrant rights have spoken a lot on this issue and believe many of those cases to be far from suicides and in many ways, similair to the Ernawati case.