Ex-Gaddafi maid healthier, happier in Malta

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Nov 26 2011

A new interview shows a much healthier Shewyga Mullah receiving treatment in Malta. CNN documented Shewyga’s condition in late August, after revolutionary fighters discovered the tortured maid in Hannibal Gaddafi’s house. Hannibal's wife, Lebanese model Aline Skaf, poured boiling water over Shewyga’s body on two occasions and withheld her pay for a year. After CNN’s report, donations from around the world flowed in to help Shewyga resettle her life. She still requires many more months of treatment, but the warmth of a small ex-migrant community is aiding her psychological recovery.

The whereabouts of another ex-Gaddafi servant interviewed in June are unknown. The man escaped to Sudan after falling victim to Skaf's favored method of torture; In addition to a boiling-water bath and forced sleep deprivation, the backs of his hands were ironed by Skaf's guards. The man, unnamed in the article, last expressed his intention to petition the new Libyan government for compensation.

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