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Group urges Philippine govt. to work hard saving doomed OFW in China

On November 30, 2011

A Filipino migrants’ rights group today called on the Aquino administration and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to work hard and intensify its efforts to save a Filipino convicted of drug trafficking in China.

In a statement issued on November 30, the DFA confirmed that a Filipino whom it did not identify is scheduled to be meted out death  on December 8, barely a week from now.

“We are still praying and hoping that the execution will be halted, though Chinese authorities really adhere on its strict implementation of anti-drugs policy and have meted out death to those found guilty,” said John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator.

He added fellow OFWs worries are revive like when the three (3) Filipinos were executed in China last March this year.

Monterona said this is a sad, bitter reality confronting us as a nation especially if we knew there are more than a hundred of them still on death row in various countries.

“We hope that our calls for the Aquino govt. to work hard to saving the lives of other OFWs on death row must be met with all seriousness and pro-active stance on the part of the present administration,” Monterona added.

Monterona reiterates his group calls on the Aquino govt. the formation of a high-level inter-agency task force that would find ways for the commutation of Filipinos’ death sentences and eventually spare them from execution.

The Saudi-based OFW leader also re-iterates calls for an intensified campaign initiated by the government, national and international in scope, involving all concerned government agencies, to prevent OFWs being victimized by international drug traffickers and syndicates.

Written by:

John Leonard Monterona

Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator