Another GAMCA victim steps forward

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Dec 23 2011

Victims of GAMCA (Gulf Medical Association) practices refuse to be silenced. Migrant Rights recently featured the struggles of Ana and Mark, once hopeful migrant workers whose debilitating experiences with GAMCA’s discriminatory Tuberculosis (TB) policies prompted them to share their stories. Despite the fact that both individuals were cured of TB and posed absolutely no medical risk, they were banned from the Gulf, forced to suffer personal and economic setbacks because of GAMCA’s highly contested, outdated practices.

Raju Chandra, a senior account from India, experienced nearly the same emotional unsettlement as our previous contributors. Like Mark, Chandra was offered a job in the Gulf, complete with an employment contract. But before he could move to Doha for work, he needed to submit a medical certificate from GAMCA in order to apply for a visa. Raju had long completed all pertinent medical procedures to cure his TB. A scar represented the only remnant of his inactive TB, posing zero health risk either to himself or others.

But when Raju discussed his history of TB with a manager of the local GAMCA centre, he was informed that a medical exam would determine him unfit, and that he would banned from travel to any gulf country indefinitely. Raju’s options weren’t just limited - they were utterly castrated. His response reflects the psychological strain unfair GAMCA policies have on prospective migrant workers:

"After thinking for hours I decided not to attempt the exam because eventually I was certain to be stamped UNFIT by the centre, it was like deliberately jumping into a well and commit suicide .I really felt quite shattered and unfortunate not to work in any Gulf country and giving my family a better living. My place of Birth is Kuwait & had my basic education there untill the gulf war in 1991 & returned to India sine then I have visited no Gulf country as yet.I never ever thought that such a disease would hinder my progress in life."

Chandra continues to receive offers from the Gulf. But once employers hear of his past condition, he never hears from them again. Chandra’s high demand demonstrates that the Gulf is losing an asset - a skilled, white collar worker - for no logical reason. A glass ceiling was forced onto Raju and countless others entirely capable and fit to work in the Gulf’s higher paying economy. GAMCA’s policies hinder the mutually beneficial relationship that should exist between migrant workers and their host countries.

Like others, Chandra questions the rationality of the Gulf’s exams:
"I felt such discriminative policies are in neither’s interest. For instance there are these same gulf countries who offer visit visas to any one regardless of their health condition, They don’t even conduct medical check ups for individuals before departure, what if a person has TB or for the matter any other infectious disease and travels to these countries on a visit Visa, he starts infecting people right from boarding the plane then he infects people in these countries and eventually after spending months there with the infection, with no medical check ups there the individual lands back safely to the home country. Now what do you call this? Is this not discrimination then what [is it]?"

Chandra urges Gulf countries to enforce policies similar to Western countries, which treat TB vigilantly, yet humanely. Policies of the Unites States and the United Kingdom include pre-departure screenings that confirm a traveler’s TB is inactive. Individuals are then granted entrance into the country.

Raju’s departing words summarize the issue at hand and urges change:

Every country has the right to protect their citizens from such diseases but with a rational attitude. These inhumane policies of Gulf countries are simply a violation of human rights.

I ask others to stand for this cause and keep opposing these policies unless they alter them.

You can help Raju and others by signing the petition at

124 thoughts on “Another GAMCA victim steps forward

  1. eric says:


  2. Anjum Saeed says:

    GAMCA is a curse for humanity. The governments of the asian countries are also shareholder in the atrocities of GAMCA. These governments are getting their shares from manpower exporters through human smuggling to gulf region but they dont care for the people suffering from GAMCA’s in human rules. May Allah teach all these dogs and bitches a lesson.

    • luxury Kumar says:

      Not understanding the rule’s & purpose of GAMCA,,,,and why government of India and WHO are not looking in this matter. I had TB 12-13 years ago I was took all kinds of medical provided by the government hospitals and I become totally fit. If today I have totally fit and not having any virus in my body then what is reasons what is the problem why GAMCA is not accepting this and giving unfit??????? Just because of I had TB???????

  3. kaycee says:

    hi gooday!!how will u know dat u r ban to gcc for my case i am unfit coz of lung scar whch is i dnt knw wer i gt it bcoz i ddnt suffer frm any illnesses or even hospitalized.i wnt to reapply and tk medical exam again but some says dat once u r unfit ur name will be on gamca data base and everytym u go to medical exam ur name will appear as unfit.pls help..

  4. Eleazar Ian says:

    I’m from Philippines, and I’m having same problem regarding this “FIBROSIS” which is a scar found on my right lung.. I got good offers from different companies in middle east countries such as Saudi, Abu Dhabi, Qatar but upon hearing that I have Fibrosis they will deny my application right away! It’s very unfair on my part because I’ve been to Saudi Arabia before and finished a two-year contract. To think that I already have this scar before I went to Saudi, but when I got there, I did not encounter any problem… I got this scar / Fibrosis when I was a child, that time I had a Pneumonia. It’s non-sense for this policy to hinder my future! Please review and revise this guidelines in order to give US a chance to give our family a better future…

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  6. dimasupil says:

    @kaycee, i think we were of the same case . so, have you already tried retaking your medical exam?

  7. m Khan says:

    I am new to this forum. Recently started looking into Gamca rules, as a relative of mine got affected by its stupid rules. I think this is worst level of discrimination by these Arab countries. Its a complete non sense that they will protect there citizens from contagious disease. They are illiterate and arrogant people. when someone they get affected they get flow into European countries.(referring to recent case where a Qatari national was flown to UK hospital for treatment with a deadly contagious disease). I really sympathize to people who are affected by these rules directly or indirectly.

  8. IAN says:

    Just now i surf and browse answers to this unfair and irrelevant rules and regarding this “pulmonary scar findings”. I just it. after i had my medical exam last november 20, 2012

  9. s khan says:

    Stupid rules coz of dis rules i cant stay vt my husband. he cant cum here i cant go there this is really unfair to me…

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  11. Leo Anthony L. Almora says:

    I had my medical examination 1st week of january and waas given UNFIT clearance because of a “tiny nodule on right mid-lung”. I went to other clinics and had an xray for verification purposes. However, the other radiologist did not find anything significant on my x-ray even after I told them that I was found to have a nodule on my mid right lung. It seems that there is no particular size or location for such as denying one person’s right to employment. It is very sad indeed that Philippine clinics seem to have different set of standards than the country requiring the medical screening.

  12. I have non contagious skin disease called lichen planus hyperpigmented,gcc approved labs not doing my medical so please reply what to do.

  13. nick says:

    Hello All ,

    Regarding Lung scar due to old tb or past tb + medical unfit and ban

    There was news of change in the communicable disease law done as on 23 march at uae cabinet meeting. The changes will also affect the visa medical screening process. Does any one have any idea or faced the issue after this date also..

  14. Akhtar says:

    I was declared unfit in 2005 for Saudi Arabia , later I went to Qatar in 2006 didn’t go for GAMCA before going Qatar , And when I gave medical examination in Qatar it was all fine. Again I went to Kuwait on Visit Visa and in order to get residence visa went to Bahrain for Visa change and medical again declared unfit. Went to Abu Dhabi work there for 1 year again went to Saudi on visit visa did medical there again no problem work there for 1 year , came back to Abu Dhabi worked for 3 years. But when I was changing my company in Abu Dhabi I was asked to go for medical check up and again I was declared unfit but they gave me an option to get a fitness certificate from a pulmonologist specialist and went to one and after detail examination I got a fitness certificate. So I guess some changes has been introduced.

    • JENNIFER says:

      Good Day, my i know what type of test you failed and declared unfit?

      thank you

    • shadab says:

      Dear Akhtar,
      May I know which country you are belonging to. If you are from Pakistan then please let me know the name of the Medical center who gave you an option to get a fitness certificate from a pulmonologist specialist. I have been recently going through to the almost same situation. I am from Karachi Pakistan. I will appreciate your soonest reply.

      • mohammad sami says:

        salaam my name is sami and I am from Pakistan working in Kuwait meri wife k medical mai problem hai hypatatis some can tell me how possible

  15. nick says:

    Hello Akhtar,

    Felt really good to hear some positive thing from your side. It will be really good if you could help us on the process you undergone. Like when you undergone this test and any special blood test is done by Pulmonologist, , Is that specialist is some approved one and what process did he followed. If you could help us with the contact details of the same doctor so we will also try to get help for our medical test, since my loved ones are also declared unfit due to some old lungs scarring.

    thanks in advance.

    • WAJID ANSARI says:

      Hello Nick,

      Am really sorry for such a delayed reply as I never came back to this site after that day.

      Well in UAE they do consider and give opportunity for further test , in my case I was already working there then while changing my company I went for a pre employment medical test where they found a scar and asked for a fitness certificate from pulmonologist specialist.

      He ask for some tests and all where negative so he gave fitness certificate

  16. s.wasim says:

    sir,can u plzz tell when did the changes has been introduced,does gamca medical will ever consider it in india.

  17. Abhilash P paul says:

    I worked as an electrical engineer in Saudi Arabia for 3 years . That time I had a cardiac pacemaker implanted.Now I resigned from there and came back to India. I got offer from Oman but this time I am unfit due to pacemaker.I tried to convince the doctor so many time but he was reluctant to give me the fitness certificate and adamant on his arguments. He gave an unfit certificate.Now after 2 months I got an offer from Qatar ,this time when I went for the medical check up the gamca is showing an unfit certificate to me.Now I am really worried an depressed this ban will exissits life long.

  18. ARSHAD AKHTER says:

    I am declared unfit for Bahrain 1 month ago, due to some x-ray findings. I don,t know what were there findings. I have examined myself in front of three specialist doctors. among them one was Retired brigadier and was rediologist, one was retired general doctor and one was medical specialist and was gold medalist. All of them examined my x-ray and told it is clear, there is no issue in it but when i examined myself in front of gamcca approved medical center they declared me unfit. i took that gemcca approved medical report to those doctors . All of them said there is no reality in this report.I lost my job due to this fake medical report. Now tell sir what should i do?????
    Also one think is that behavior of that medical center officials was very rude to there customers . I suggest medical center like this should be banned forever .

  19. Dr.Afroze Shaikh says:

    My husband was declared unfit due to the scar of open heart surgery done in childhood.He was deciding to go to Oman for job.His 2 D echo was normal. He was declared medically fit by physician because everything was normal and only the scar was there.GAMCA should think about this unfit criteria.

  20. Shaheen says:

    Will these rules ever change? After shedding how many peoples hopes for a better life will they stop? My husband has calcification in his lungs which a scar of phnemonia which happen 18 years ago. Becaise of he is unfit. Although he is completely healthy n fine now. I was brought up in Oman n jus love that country but i never thot now i will never be able to go to any gulf countries anymor. It broke my heart.

  21. binod says:

    I requird medical test for saudi but wrongly gamca office wrote,medical people also doing same.It is already enter in online.Now gamca office told it will cange after 3 month.Give some reply.

  22. Rajesh says:

    Hi..I have 2 queries

    1. If I am stamped “unfit” in Gamca approved medical centre due to pneumonia patch/scar on lung, still can i go to oman on business visa which my employer will send me and then do locally medical test there and convert to employment visa..I have already worked 7 years in oman and now exited for sponsor change but this thing worries me. I got pnuemonia in oman 4 years back for 7 days but was cured very soon but some small scar is there…while in oman, I extended my 2 yr contract 2 times after i got pneumonia as such extensive xray not required while serving there.

    2. If I am stamped “unfit” in Gamca approved medical centre due to pneumonia patch/scar on lung, will my entry into oman be blocked even for visit on express business visa or even if allowed entry for express visa, will it be blocked later for conversion to employment visa…I mean if anyone is declared “unfit” in any gamca centre, are the authorities in gulf countries made aware of those unfit cases so that they block their entry by any means.

    Pls somebody help me with my queries.

    Rajesh, Delhi

  23. Khan Gee says:

    I am an engineer recently a delegation from KSA selected me for a job in KSA. I went to GAMCA here in Pakistan, the stupid GAMCA lab made me unfit due to old lung scars. Is illness is a crime? and what type of people are they? This is the January 2014 case, my dears please be aware that there is no change in their stupid policy.

  24. Riyaz Shaikh says:

    I got an an opportunity in KSA. But, GAMCA, Ahmedabad, india delcared me to be medically unfir because my chest x-ray was showing minimal scar due to some past infection. There was no active TB found in my body and a reputed Pulmonologist certified me to be medically fit in all aspects. But, I got rejected by GAMCA due to this nonsense lung scar. I hope that GAMCA will review such cases and amend their medical guidlines so that people should not suffer unnecessarily.

  25. Charanjeet says:

    Discrimination and Harassment on assumption based chest scars.

    My name is Charanjeet Singh, an Indian national.

    March 2013, I received employment in a law firm in D.I.F.C. or Dubai International Financial Centre, when I appeared for medical test at al Muhaisna medical centre which is a part of D.H.A or Dubai Health Authority, suspected that i have old T.B scar. I was deported immediately after scanning, without given me a right to appeal.

    I went to A.I.I.M.S [All India Institute of Medical Sciences] hospital at New Delhi and done all my checkups i.e. Skin test or Mantoux twice, Chest x-ray, Blood test, 3 times Sputum test and a Chest C.T Scan too on special advise by senior doctor to have a close look at the scar.

    Based on my test reports, A.I.I.M.S issued me the Certificate stating that I do not have any active T.B. Senior doctors asked me why did they deported you when there is no sign of T.B in our body?

    3rd December 2013 at Asia’s well known Tuberculosis Hospital in New Delhi that is L R S – T.B Hospital, have checked my all reports and done my chest x-ray and culture test thrice at their hospital. All reports are negative as on date.

    15th January 2014, Latest report from All India Institute of Medical Sciences [AIIMS] hospital, New Delhi has given me fitness certificate stating NO HISTORY OF TUBERCULOSIS IN MY BODY & NO HISTORY OF TUBERCULOSIS IN MY FAMILY.

    20th January 2014 and 22nd January 2014, most recent test reports conducted from two different Pathological labs for the same test on different dates i.e. QUANTIFERON TB GOLD TEST which is specially designed for detecting latent or old tuberculosis, are also Negative.

    Conclusion: – As per written reports and India’s super specialty hospitals, there is no evidence of either Active or Latent Tuberculosis in my body at all.

    Neither I, while working and staying in my home country or Dubai, nor my parents had any kind of T.B infection in their lifetime.

    Loopholes: – This law will only hide patients who have active tuberculosis at present and will never let them come before the government to avoid deportation and get better treatment. clearly mentioned by Dr. Mario Raviglione, Director at W.H.O, this is absolute discrimination.

    Feeling of Inequality, Harassment and discrimination comes in the account of those who have suspected scars; in few cases are active tuberculosis patients. Just imagine their pain, they are already sick and on the top of that they are getting permanent deportation.

    Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

    I really felt humiliation from Dubai Health Authority for deporting the patients on the basis of their outdated laws.

    Please sign in to support my online petition for the welfare of future victims.

    I hope necessary action will be taken on this issue on humanitarian grounds.


    Charanjeet Singh
    0091 9560728263
    [email protected]

  26. Raj Shekar says:

    In January 2014, I went on visit visa to Abu Dhabi and found a job there, thereafter, the medical tests were done in Abu Dhabi itself and work permit stamped.

    However, in February, a group from Saudi Arabia was following up with me to join them for a better package and I exited UAE for better prospects.
    To my disbelief, in Feb 2014 in India, the GAMCA declared me unfit me mentioning some scar.
    Isn’t this terrible? How could i pass all the tests in UAE and just a month after in India, while shifting to another job, be certified unfit in India?

    The GAMCA centers in India are all eyewash. Why none of the leading hospitals are officially appointed under GAMCA? Forget top 10, these GAMCA clinics would not figure even in top 200, if the quality and nature of services they render is introspected.

    It’s sad that in today’s world, we have something like GAMCA that would put an end to the overseas career and lives lacs of migrant workers even before they start working on foreign soil. Applicants who have never had any TB illness in their lives are ruled out if there was a minor scar resulting from pneumonia or viral infection. Even if there was a TB and it was cured, whats the harm? People travel to UK and US if the TB is established to be non active.
    If anybody could travel to all these countries on visit visa without any medicals, why this discrimination with workers?

    Its high time the concerned authorities wake up and put an end to these unjust policies that doesn’t benefit anybody but the few clinics that churn big monies.

  27. somebody says:

    so unjust and unruly ! whose reading this bullshit all of u have stated here? NOBODY !! frikking mullaz..
    ur rules are based on such primitive foundation !!
    fibrosis doesnt mean am spreading some comtagious disease in ur country.. it was there and now its gone.. i cant harm myself forget bout harming anybody else dude !!
    screw u guys like really.. so furious !!!

  28. prasad says:

    My wife was declared unfit for oman as she has HCV reactive,but after the HCV RNA test it was diagonised the viral load belowe the detectable limit ans doctors delcared it is not contageous nor harmful.Can i appeal to the embassy to issue her visa though its a family visa there are coming for a visit.

  29. subhash kumar Chintakindi says:

    Dear readers two days back I went to gamca for medical they give me a small paper which is saying small calcification left upper lobe and I am unfit I was requesting the gamca people to rescan but they are not listening
    I was staying in Kuwait since two and half years I came to India for change of job before I was fit and the company which is going to recruit me already done premedical examination that report was also fit which is done in Kuwait govt clinic
    But now gamca is rejecting my fitness
    Please help me

  30. vanraj says:

    Dear Sir,

    I get job offer letter from Bahrain. I went for medical check up at GAMCA centre in Ahmedabad called S.E Diagnostic Centre. They stamp me UNFIT for some Fibrotic Scarring evidence in past. while I even have no any complain of that kind of illness.
    Same day I did Xray from some other private pathologist, they told me you even have no any evidence of Fibrotic scaring or anything else infectious. This SE diagnostic staff is really very rude and unculture. I went back to show them I dont have any dieses like you have shown. So their chief Dr. Rita Mishra told me your are ban for 6 months, and if you will say any word now then, I will BAN YOU FOR LIFETIME. She told me we are having cell number of PSI(Police Sub Inspector).

    My question is: Have I made any CRIME??? Have just ask why this?

    One more thing I have found there is there staff was almost illiterate, She was MBBS Gynecologist, her Exray technician had hardly completed his primary education. Even there where no any good facility for even seat.

    Why GCC is not giving approval to other More experienced and prestigious hospitals of medical center to examined?

    It was my 1st job offer, I am totally dissappointed with this system.
    Please let me know, is there anything I can do to get my Visa.??

    Thank you.

    • Swapan says:

      I can understand your mental state , becasue I was also victim of similar dicrimination of wrong X ray reports . In Apr 2014 I got an offer from Kuwait . After GAMCA medical test I got unfit report becasue of ”Hiliary calcification’ whihc was further rechecked from reputed Redilogist and doctor found no such evidence. I met the medical officer of particular GAMCA medical center who adviced me to try after 9 month untill the report expired. Now I want to know from you whether you further check with GAMCA after 6 months , whether GAMCA further issue Sleep to go for medical test after this report validity , if get alternative offer from other GCC country? I heard previously that this kind of chest unfit lead to life ban for gulf countries. Please reply latest update if any.

    • VISHNU NAIR says:

      Can you tell me what all details did you provide at gamca centre…just passport details ? Anything about your visa ?

  31. misbah says:

    it is so unfair if a candidate have scar on lung but it is inactive and also medically it is non dangerous then what is the sence to mention him as unfit.are they gone mad.dont they know medical science ?

  32. alyohin anan says:

    all the bullshit things taken as rule unknowing difficulties….fuck u GAMCA

  33. Yusuf siddiqui says:

    i have done medical 31/3/2014 gamca docter sastri medical centre give unfit to my xray report.i check to Bombay hospital same day x-ray report ok

  34. ramanand says:

    hello all… i got a offer letter from a reputed company from kuwait last week but befre i get my visa i done a pre medical test and i came to know that i m not fit for GAMCA…. i know m perfect and health now i mean i sufferd from TB but now the scars remain and m not fir why they dont understand other feelings …? if the disease is active so its fair that it will spread to others but now m totally healthy and fit but just coz of the scars my life become blank right now… plz ppl come stand to stop GAMCA it may help other ppls right now m really feeling so bad …… now i cant tell in my home also coz everyone is happy and m the one who is working in my family.. so how i can tell them that m not fit to work in gulf country..? so plz help me to get any options to work other country ??

  35. ramesh says:

    my problem is also same, i got job i kuwait, but as per gamca report , iam unfit because of scar in my lung.
    but as per my knowledge i am perfectly healthy.stop this cruel rule created by some illeterate people.

  36. Syed Nasir Hussain says:

    I am a Software Engineer by profession. recently i got selected for one of the company in Abha, Saudi Arab. My problem is bronchovascular marks found in my lung fields. I was instructed to consult a Dr. As per their advice i consulted Sr.consultant Pulmonologist. He said you don’t need any medicine. because presently i don’t have any type of infection like cough or cold or any of the symptom which clinically support the x-ray. Even i dint had TB in my life and I dint smoke in my life. But the GAMCA center is saying that the marks should not be there. This is ridiculous what can i do for this.

  37. Sherry Singh says:

    Can anyone inform as till how long an UNFIT report is kept in database of GAMCA? Is there any way to find out about what is his / her status as per GAMCA, like one can check their financial standing through CIBIL score in India?

  38. R. H. K says:

    Dear all,
    I have worked as HSE Officer about 5+ years with 3 different companies… Meanwhile I have gone through medical fitness checkup many times but never got negative comments, always been passed fitness checkup.
    Unfortunately, this time declared UNFIT in Chest Xray by SWARUP MEDICAL CENTRE – KOLKATA- INDIA.
    Next day I went again for Xray to the RADIOLOGY Specialist to determine about the said Problem, there I got Clear Report with CLEAR CHEST PA VIEW.
    The thing I’ve noticed in SWARUP MEDICAL CENTRE is that, Every one was being asked about their RELIGION – by asking ” ARE YOU MUSLIM” .
    I didn’t get the point behind asking such discriminating questions – Could it be the REASON behind UNFIT REPORT ??


  39. Khalil says:

    Just i want to know,,,if somebody unfit,,,after how long time he can go again for medical?plz reply Thanks

  40. Manoy says:

    i was declared unfit by gamca accredited medical clinic for failing the ishihara test last sept 2014. i work as hd driver since 1993 til 2013 in 3 gcc country and i passed and got driving licenses in this 3 countries. since 1993 to 2013 i always passed the medical exam in philippines and also the medical test in gcc country, i got no problem regarding this color blindness in my work because i can also identify actual colors and didnt encounter any hardship in my job. Now i cannot go back to gcc because of this gamca guidelines!!!!

  41. maggy says:

    My husband was diagnosed having a Fibrosis on his lungs way back here in the Philippine, after knowing that the Agency recommend him for a specialist check-up then luckily he got his Fit for Work certificate but it was noted that he cannot apply to other country other than Dubai. So now he is in Dubai as a cook. After a week he undergone medical test for visa but after one week the company prompted him for a repeat medical test, so he did (Sputum Test Only) he did not know the reason but for sure it is because of his fibrosis. He work as a cook, my question is, how strict they are when it comes to dealing with scars/fibrosis or alike? Is he going to be deported even the sputum test turns into negative? Before the sputum test, he got fever, cough with phlegm and cold due to change of weather, do you think it could affect the test? I’m looking for a success story of a person with lung scar or fibrosis that able to get their residence visa after having the said medical condition but so far sad to say i did not find even one.

  42. taj raza says:

    i unfit due to hcv

  43. Kumar says:

    I went to Mohammadi Health Services<Mahim<Mumbai today only to know that they are suspicious about cough in my lungs.
    They prescribed me some tablets and to come after few days; it was fun to me coz i went another xray test before a week for a different country and all was well.suddenly this doctor of Mohammadi became suspicious.
    the fun part is the same guy had cleared me 4 months before after making a repeat blood test of mine.
    At first I was shown a clinical result of 160mg of blood sugar on fasting and then 90mg of sugar on random.
    these guys want to pull more money by enjoying their power to threaten anybody to ban.
    these guys has to stone thrown for unnecessary wasting of time and inducing mental agony.

  44. harish nayak says:

    Hi i got job offer in baharain as chef .i went fulara medicare GAMCA.first time they told me i have hcv + and without any information they put on online baharain that i am unfit because of TB .please any body suggest me what should i do

  45. Dorlingkoper says:

    My Status is pending because they found a spot in my Xray. Will visit that unscrupulous GAMCA Clinic for clarification.

  46. SuperWatches says:

    my brother in law came home with a ptb,he got it from qatar, due to his condition my husband decided to sent him back home, when he got back here in philippines we send him to hospital and go thru medication, after a month he was declared that he is already cured but he should be strict on his sorrounding. Last year the company that he was working with called him and asking him if he still want to work on their company, they already send him all the contract, visa and plane tickets. so he did all the procedures from owwa embassy and medicals…he went to this clinic and under go with the medicals all results are okay except of his chest xray, because of that the clinic declare him unfit to work..just because of the lungs scar?!? how pathetic, he is so sad and so demoralize with that result. pls. help us what next step we should do. thanks

  47. One of my relative went to a GAMCA centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India with a travel agent along with 8 other people. Now the lab people did a Pre-medical test and declared UNFIT to my relative. They said he has Hepatitis B and Microfilariae. My relative had no symptoms for any of the diseases. But we thought to go again for tests from any good pathology so we went to Lal Pathology Kanpur (branches all over India). There he was negative for both. Then we again came to Ahmadabad S. E. Diagnostics Centre. This time also for a Pre-medical test. This time they said he is infected with Microfilariae. They took INR 2500/- when I asked for the report then the chief doctor Dr. Rita Mishra said if you ask for report then I will put the health status in ONLINE DATABASE and then you cannot go to Kuwait for another SIX months and Your Visa will be taken and sent to Embassy. I think there is a racket where lot of people are involved and harassing innocent people. Travel Agents and GAMCA labs are together creating lot of problems to innocent people and also taking money in the name of tests again and again. Indian government should take up this issue with gulf countries.

  48. if GAMCA medical center will do mistake or they made worng report then where i will complain?. how i will know about rules? in GCC rules book not mention about VITILIGO, where i will conform vitiligo persion FIT or UNFIT? how i know? where i will complain if medical center do any worng?please reply……

  49. Helpful details. Privileged me I ran across your web site accidentally, and I am shocked exactly why the following accident could not occurred ahead of time! I actually book marked them.. Visit Web Page

  50. md ehtisam says:

    Sir maine 26/10/2014ko gamka medical karwaya tha kolkata me jo unfit ho gaya tha oman ke liye mai dubara kitna din ke bad fir karwa sakta hun

  51. stupid arabian.arrogant.nonsense.they dont know life science.we should stop all the food supply to gulf they should die without food poverty.stupid GAMCA rules.

  52. To all of you.if anyone of you having scares on lungs or any other spots, before going to X-ray you should drink at least 3 glass banana milk shake, then i swear your X-ray and madical report will come FIT. i have many friends in UAE which use this formula and doing jobs over there for last 6, 7 thing more if your madical is come UNFIT, i know a person near union metro station in dubai for which he declared your madical in 3000 AED.Only that person remove your life time ban, i forget his name but he is famous in this matter.dont worry for a second.kind regardsik khan

  53. vas says:

    My case is identical as yours. What did you do? I got pulmologist report confirming no TB or any contagious disease but fucker in the authorised clinic still says nothing should be seen in xray.

  54. Mohammad says:

    sir before 2 months I got a job opportunity from Oman….I went for medical and successfully completed my medical and I have submitted to my agent but now I got a job offer from Saudi….the salary is more and good company…so now I have to do Saudi medical again….is it possible or I have to wait for the Oman medical expiry date…..
    or can I get to other state and have medical there
    please give me a review sir…I am very much nervous because the company wants me as possible as to report to the kingdom for my job…

  55. Haseena sherief says:

    Ya it’s true in my case I have been kuwait for 3times twice in visit visa and once in family visa at that I have passed in medical as fit but now again when my husband applied for family visa I was declared as unfit in medical due to some scar in my chest .but actually I don’t have any illness I am totally fit but these games proved I am unfit twice I don’t know why these organisation making such a silly thing a big issue and spoiling others life I and my children couldn’t join my husband since past two years plz rid such a stupid rules n save others life

  56. Yhoej Rotsa says:

    i want to share this experience regarding this money making medical center. My wife and 2 kids were undergo the medical examination for visa stamping requirements GAMCA refer to this medical center ZAFF Jay Medilines Inc in cebu city, they undergo medical exams same with the working applicant, my 2 kids 14 and 8 yrs old undergo series of laboratories my 14 yrs old son they required to have eyeglasses my 8 years old daughter as per medical result high glucose level and to be treated and re examine again with additional fees, my wife as per result there is problem in the heart,high glucose level and need another test and need to buy medicine for maintenance even do that she told them that she has a medication for her diabetes, i am asking why my family undergo such kind of money making medical examination as a matter of fact there visas are for dependent visa only, they are not going to work here in saudi arabia, and it is stated above that below 18 yrs old will not undergo laboratories, and there fees for my wife and my daughter 2,750 each and for my son 2,550. vaccine fee is not included, when i talk to GAMCA representative in cebu city, he told me that he will not comment on this matter. even a small scratch on my daughter skin this should be treated because this is an infection. I am 100% agreed that this GAMCA will be abolished and its counterpart medical centers. my son has passed the medical examinations and they put FIT to WORK in his medical result,how can a 14 yrs old work here in saudi arabia. my wife and my daughter still on re screening again what a big money making….a lot of ofw applicant were complaining on this process.. we should have a choice to choose a medical center as long as it is credited, not GAMCA will choose because a lot of percentage cut will be given to them thats why they let the applicant to re test again and again…

  57. myloves231 says:

    Im wondering about that too. How long will they keep it?

  58. muzammil says:

    I am suffering from vitiligo skin disease. Where as it is non-contegous desaes. I got offer from saudi Arabia company.
    And its not mentioned in rules of gamca, that vitiligo patient not allowed to work.
    Can anybody help me? Or any suggestions?

  59. Shahul says:

    Please post your valuable suggestion regarding Scar in Xray with no TB history in the past in this website
    This is the Official website for GCC Health Ministers Council.
    Rather than posting suggestion in other website in which nobody looks on to it you can directly post the suggestion in their Official website so that it might get solved.

  60. Mukesh says:

    dear sir,
    please inform pacemaker implanted person fit or unfit for GAMCA test.


  61. abbas` says:

    even they cancelled me too with a reason that i have a mark on my right lung. and its has no treatment also they told.

    any suggestions what to do next from my side ???

  62. rajesh says:

    stop the gaamca rules…stupid rules…stoppppppppppppppp…

  63. rajesh says:

    i too got a minimal calcification in lung tat to due to negative tuberculin…it wont spread a disease to anyone…then y cant u accept the person ll get complete fit..while working in a medical field…its possible…so break the rules…sum of the gaamca centres lab r gettting the high money than a prescribed money…robbery….donna wann to mention the lab name…please break the rules…

  64. rajesh says:

    y tje other countries r acceping dis…y the saudi cant accept dis…how many members r suggesting dis..y cant u tink

  65. Prashant Sadrani says:

    Recently two weeks ago for going to Saudi Arabia, I had my GCC Medical test at Mumbai, India and it has been reported that there is scar/calcification & hence unfit as per the GCC guidelines.
    I went for a second opinion with a Local laboratory in Valsad (Gujarat), India & the report is Negative. No scar/calcification is found. The Report says “Upper Right Dome Raised”. The doctors certify that this is very normal & is not termed as disease in Medical Terms.
    Moreover, I have never been hospitalized for any major disease like TB, Jaundice, Phemonia etc NOR have I been operated for any Minor OR Major reasons till date. ( I am 43 now).I have no Medical History OR ailment whatsoever & really donot understand how reports vary & GAMCA report be Negative as Medically Unfit?
    I would not like to miss this golden opportunity of working with an
    GIANT Mnc & hence request you to guide on the same.
    I uderstand once we are declared medically unfit on GAMCA record, we are permenantly banned. Is there any website to check our status Online.
    When do they (GAMCA) normally upload the status of all expatriates Medical Report on their site.
    In my case, I feel for no valid reasons, my application/candidature is getting ruled out.
    Can you please show a way out apart from the prayers that I am doing to my dear Sai Baba.
    A drop of line in the matter would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks With Best Regards,

  66. Niraj says:

    I have applied for post of maintenance supervisor in baharain. I have color blind Ness. Will it affect in medical examination?


    I worked in KSA for 6.5 yrs and returned back to join another company when i went for GAMCA they declared me unfit and surprisingly i had medical in saudi each year as part of our EHS policy and was found to be fit where doctor told calcification on lung is not an issue it is body immune system some times which cures pneumonia or minor TB automatically by immune and leaves a scar,is this right way how GAMCA is operating with low exp. doctors,please keep policy and doctors who are expert and knowledgable who do not play with people careers.

  68. M Damodaram says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am selected from direct clint interview but i have white spot in x-ray.but i am already checked in private doctors he is told no problem i have certificate is there plzz inform sir

  69. Sameer Shah says:

    I have been offered a job in Qatar so shortly I need to go for GAMCA Medical test.

    Please can you explain me that under the physical disabilities, the lost of one eye sight will be considered as physical disability for somebody to get a medical clearance to work in Qatar but if the person does not have any problem in vision long and near and no any colour blindness.

    If your answer is yes please advise what is to be done on such cases.

    Job Profile :- Please note that I will be doing as call centre Job and back office work in Qatar.

    Looking forward your reply.


    • Nitin says:

      Hi Sameer Shah,

      the same situation is here, i am one eye blind person, could you please tell me did you clear your test? if yes pls let me know what is the procedure?
      your advise is required

  70. Amit says:

    Dear prasad,
    Please advise if u found any alternative to this.

    I hv got a offer in oman n got stuck in gamca centre thy have not issued any report to me just advised tht u hv Hcv .and asked me to tke redt fir 10 days n come bk . I asked if I m sick or hv sme serious disease how it can b cured with 10 days rest? But those ppl who think they are god refused all my request. I m at the verge of loosing my offer. Tell me watever I can do petition or watever I m ready to kneel thm down.

  71. Prats says:

    If we have psoriasis do qatar visa stamping gets denied??

  72. Mohsin says:

    i want to go saudia Arabia i get tests before going to gamca office from Chughtai Lab got X-Ray Test they told me BIFID on 4th rib but also doctor told this is not a problem you can travel is it ok kindly tell me at [email protected]

  73. Oliver says:

    We have a common case and i was also denied after the medical examination, I spent money upon my application, found a good offer from a well known company in Saudi Arabia and end up nothing. I was so disappointed with the result telling me that it is because of the GCC standard on x-ray and i am unfit to work. I’ve been there and finished 2 contracts in saudi arabia before, i got pneumonia when i was working with my second company.

  74. Lux says:

    Hi Prashant, Hw u? Hope u remember me..we have d same problem..also in sep’15 we spoke. I lost ur contact…could you send me your mobile no?

  75. Sekhar says:

    Hello all, This is with reference to vitiligo (or) white patches (or) leucoderma clearing GAMCA medicals. I have patches on the tips of my fingers, chest and lips. when I went for the medicals, I approached the GCC doctor in Hyderabad and showed him the patches before I paid the fee of Rs.4000. The doctor told me that since it is not contagious, there will be no problem. I went ahead and gave the tests but while giving the reports, other bearded person objected to the condition and referred me to two more people who also objected despite me telling them that the GCC doctor at their center cleared it. They referred me to their MD who cleared the report saying it is no issue at al.

    My advice for those going for GAMCA with the above condition, always ask the medical center doctor before hand before you give the medicals. It is always better to inform them otherwise they will not listen to you at all.

  76. Parmeshwar says:

    I have the same issue, pls suggest how can we change the country

  77. sharif says:

    IK Khan can i have that persons email address or phone number?

  78. Hi, I want to go saudia Arabia(Damam) i get tests before going to gamca office from Shifa International got HbsAg positive Test they told me consultant but also doctor told this is not a problem because All reports are normal but only pcr report in detected sample but viral load range is very low ..normally un detected value is 300 iu/ml to 10 millions iu/ml….so my detected value is very low,, can travel is it ok kindly tell me at immediately..

  79. Haja says:

    I’m from Indian, and I’m having same problem regarding this “FIBROSIS” which is a scar found on my right lung.. I got good offers from different companies in middle east countries such as Bahrain but upon hearing that I have Fibrosis they will deny my application right away! It’s very unfair on my part because I’ve been to Bahrain before and finished a six year contract. To think that I already have this scar before I went to Saudi, but when I got there, I did not encounter any problem… I got this scar / Fibrosis when I was a child, that time I had a Pneumonia. It’s non-sense for this policy to hinder my future! Please review and revise this guidelines in order to give US a chance to give our family a better future… and anybody advice please how to solve this issue ?

  80. Muzamil says:

    Is LIPOMA problem for GAMCA medical examination clearence.

    Could you please confirm on this.

  81. Help says:

    mane saudia jana hai our mane Sapphire medical and diagnotics hospital GAMCA isb se medical krwaya tha…. muje stammering problem hai sb tests krne k baad muje doctor k pas bheja gaya doctor ne reception se muje meri fees wapis kr k kaha k dobara ana… kia wo muje UNFIT kr sakte hain? or kia main apna center change kr sakta hn?
    plz rply fast wo have infromation about my problem…

  82. jojo says:

    I recently undergone shoulder I eligible to work in gulf?

  83. mohd wasique says:

    Dear Mr.Charanjeet.
    Pls advice. I went to do test for KSA at GAMCA Mumbai.
    After test I came to know that I am having Fibrosis in right chest (centre).
    After came back to Nagpur I did all the medical test. But no sign of any type of fibrosis I found on my chest.
    Doctor even certified so.
    Can you Pls advice.

  84. sayeed says:

    Hi, everyone. My first complaint is that most of the employee in medical center talk very rudely, not picking up phone, making phone line engage. We cant tell them anything as we are very helpless and afraid that they can make our report unfit. Is there any way to complaint about particular medical center for their misbehavior.
    Thanks a lot.

  85. anil kumar gupta says:

    gamca at lucknow give me misprinted passport number slip, now they are saying it will take atleast 20 days to rectify but my company cant wait for this period .kindly suggest me how to rectify it.
    ive done medical but dr . said after this rectification only u can get the report.

    kindly help me

  86. Wajid says:

    Hi everyone,
    Recently i went to medical test they said x ray shows old calcific intensity lt in hilar region. The very next day i consult a famous chest specialist physician. He said your are perfectly alright there is no such thing in your x ray which is metioned in gamca report.

    Now i want to say everyone that I was in U.k, saudi, Qatar and dubai i didn’t faced such problem in my life why all of sudden this gamca medical center is too careless in their work. How can they declare unfit when the person never ever had that problem.

    Please GCC has to look on this issue.
    Because of one person whole family us dependent here in india.
    Best wishes.

  87. Pajamas says:

    hi my father want to go muscat and gave medical center but unfortunately his medical is unfit.. something chest problem my father never sick in his life always fit what going wrong with this its any one from india ahmedabad .. plz help me

  88. Errol fernandes says:

    If your visa is open in one country you can travel in another country??

  89. farhan says:

    if hcv anti gets positive but after gets treatment accordingly to medically and doctor patient is fit but hcv anti will never gets negative if once get positive acc to dr,,

    if anyone knows how to solve this matter,

  90. sachin says:

    hi friends. I have my ribs surgery 2 years ago . now I am totally fit can I pass gamca test.

  91. sachin says:

    I’m from India and I want to go Canada or Kuwait for work . please guide me.

  92. Saqlain Ahmed says:

    I am Saqlain Ahmed,
    My case is same as you, I want to go Kuwait
    I also have hbsag postive, but according my viral load test “the viral load not detected in my blood.. doctor said you are fit your hepatitis carrier is inactive..

    I am trying to go gulf, may Allah help us…
    Ameen… greywig

  93. Basil Eldhose says:

    After taking GAMCA medical to Saudi Arabia. I got a job opportunity to Qatar. Is it possible to take GAMCA medical to Qatar on the same week after taking GAMCA medical to Saudi Arabia??

  94. Geeta Kamar says:

    Viewers i am Geeta Kamar, am from India in new delhi, Me and my entire family has been suffering for hepatitis B from birth, We have gone to all the hospitals and there wasn’t any solution even our family DR confirm it to us that there is no cure for this disease but can only be control even my first child is Hepatitis B positive, till this day a friend of mine told me about this Dr Osele who have help her to get rid of this incurable disease name Hepatitis B, That was how i give it a try, to my fullest surprise me and my entire families are now Negative of Hepatitis B even it was a surprise to my scientist Dr who graduated with PhD here in India, he now direct all his Hepatitis B positive patient to this wonderful Dr Osele who cured all diseases with herbal medicine, don’t be left out contact him if you are diagnose with this same disease, after be cured he told me that he cured all manners of diseases,i am sharing this testimony both in internet and everywhere so that people who are diagnosed with kind of diseases should contact Dr Osele via email healthmedicallab At gmailcom

  95. Loganathan says:

    I have multiple lipoma in my both hands and body…am eligible or not to gamca test for fit to work in gulf…pls reply…my mail [email protected]

  96. Manish .G says:

    i am Manish Gautam, i live in Guwahati india, September 2015 I learned my HBsAg was reactive when I was required to undergo medical exam for an employment in Broad, and the doctor told me there is no permanent cure for the disease, I was worried and confused thought my life has come to an end, in December i came across a forum, (MED LAB) Who cured all kind of diseases including hepatitis b, I contacted them via email [email protected] and made purchase of the hepatitis Vaccine, i received the Vaccine through DHL within 3 days, when i received the Vaccine i applied it as prescribed and i was totally cured of hepatitis b within few’s days of usages, i went back to my doctor and he confirmed i was free curable cured from the disease, am so happy now living a normal life again thanks to MED LAB. Viewers contact MED LAB via email: [email protected]

  97. Pravin Bhor says:

    Dear you got any solution to your problem. I am also suffering from the same GAMCA trick

  98. SABEER MOHAMED.S says:


  99. Sarfaraz says:

    Sorry dear no one will listen you no one will think they just doing what they think nothing is going to change, as i work in UAE by more tgan six years but when i appointed for oman they declair me unfit i tried every thing but no ine is listning i have only old tb spot nothing is there to harm but still help less-

  100. Chiko says:

    Dear Amit, can you please update us on your anti-HCV result? Have you been cleared the medical and declared “FIT” after retaking the test after 10 day as advised by doctors..?

  101. Chiko says:

    Dear Farhan, can you please update anti-HCV report? Any treatment I do adopt on my own to recover fast and become ‘NON-REACTIVE’? How can I improve the blood sample result for anti-HCV retake? ??? Anyone knows..please reply. God Bless you all.

  102. Sridhar says:

    The governments of GCC countries think that if they get perfectly healthy people for work, their medical facilities will not be strained and expats will only use their clinics and hospitals for routine, seasonal illnesses and they can wholly use their medical facilities to take care of their own citizens. This is despite the fact that they extract significant amount of medical insurance from expats staying there yearly and even in this insurance, many facilities are chargeable, whereas they extend all medical facilities to their own citizens free of cost. A thorough discrimination.

  103. Aijaz says:

    Assalamualaikum.. my name is aijaz im from india.. friends Im pharmacists I have applied for Bahrain nhra. I have gone for pre medical test where I got fit from gamca and have got work permit from Bahrain but last week I got epilepsy attack

  104. Sadanand Yadav says:

    Hi Friends,

    Recently i got job in qatar but GAMCA issued me unfit medical report due to old scars in chest. i am totally disappointed but reading all of you stories i have realized lots of people have been facing same issues. Is there any treatment to remove this scars?? i want signing the petition against GAMCA but link is not working.

    • Saddam Hossain says:

      I got my job in KSA. But, GAMCA unfit me due to a spot in my chest. They told me this is not a problems and can’t give u any medicine for it. This is your luck only u have unfit. I request to him for fit. Bcoz this is my last chance to got job. I have no way right now. Last date to clear 2nd march to submit it. Plz help anyone bro. I am from Kolkata

  105. Shadab says:

    Sir I have lipoma from back side. What can I pass Qatar medical chekup plzzz help me today. I am in Qatar

  106. imran says:

    Iam totally fit but khadamat declared me unfit and I did medical In onther 4 private medical which is showing also iam fit.what to do plz help me .iam in trouble .this is for kuwait.

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