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On December 8, 2011

The acronym GAMCA stands for GCC Approved Medical Centers Association and earns ire from many migrants and migrant hopefuls. GAMCA clinics operate by standardized guidelines set by the Gulf countries, and are the only medical facilities authorized to test and clear migrants for employment in the Gulf.

Earlier articles spotlighted GAMCA’s overly stringent and unfair TB policies, characteristics which appear to extend to many more of GAMCA’s medical requirements., initiated by a concerned citizen, highlights the absurd policies and the undue distress they cause applicants.The site lists several of the most extraneous disqualifications, many of which are not only non-infectious but also non-medical; physical disabilities that pose zero threat to Gulf societies, including vertigo, colorblindness, and deafness, render migrants 'unfit' by GAMCA standards. also hosts a petition urging the GCC countries to alter their guidelines. Among the signatories include migrants directly affected by the discriminatory regulations. Opponents recognize that while nations must protect themselves from disease, GAMCA's current policies are erroneous and overly intrusive measures of health.