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One Suicide and Two Attempts in Kuwait

On May 6, 2012

Recently, we’ve published amalgamations of violence towards migrants in the region at the end or beginning of each month. We include suicides in these round-ups because they are often manifestations of accumulated violence and exploitation towards migrant workers.

Five days into May, a disturbing number of reports from Kuwait have already tallied up. A single article reports three separate instances of suicide or attempted suicide; an Ethiopian maid slit her throat in her sponsor’s home and later died in the hospital. A Filipina maid attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on pain killers, once again in her sponsor’s home. An Indian man also attempted suicide by jumping from the second floor of his apartment building.

Physical abuse, psychological degradation, and social marginalization represent the 'triggers' behind most migrant suicide cases. One inspiring story from Kuwait did stand out among the rest: A Kuwait family organized an elaborate celebration for their recently wed domestic workers. Such rare instances are unfortunately outshined by the regular experiences of migrant workers.