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Your Guide To Employing A Domestic Worker in the GCC

On February 27, 2016

The GCC is home to hundreds of thousands of migrant domestic workers. From cleaning and cooking, to babysitting and tending to the elderly and ill, domestic workers contribute significantly to the upkeep of homes in the region.

Yet, there is little cognizance of this job as ‘real work’. It’s not only employers who don’t recognise this, but also the worker herself. Furthermore, the isolation domestic workers face in countries of employment makes it even more difficult to ensure their safety., in partnership with the Shelter Me Project, has launched a guide on employing migrant domestic workers.

The guide provides useful tools for employers to formalise this work relationship, including suggestions on contracts, managing tasks and communication with domestic workers. The guide is tailored for Qatar but provides practical guiding questions, suggestions, and insights applicable to employers across the Gulf.

Your Guide To Employing A Foreign Domestic Worker in Qatar