Advancing the rights of migrant workers throughout the Middle East

About Migrant Rights

This website aims to advance the rights of migrant workers in the Middle East.

Expatriate workers are critical to the fabric of our economies and our societies, representing over 80% of the population in some states. Though many migrants hold white-collar jobs, the majority of foreigners are temporary low-income migrants who work in manual labour, such as construction or agricultural sectors, or as drivers and domestic workers.

These individuals represent the backbone of our economic development as well as our homes. Yet they are undervalued, ignored,  exploited and denied their most basic human rights. Labor and comprehensive rights protections for migrant workers are both deficient and underenforced, rendering migrants vulnerable to conditions likened to modern day slavery.

Mideast Youth has created this project to raise awareness and to demand the rights of our fellow human beings.

Our Aim

For too long, migrant workers have comprised an “invisible majority” in the Middle East, and particularly in the Gulf states. Despite systematic exploitation, their experiences are often marginalized and discredited by both the media and host governments. Instead, local narratives attempt to reverse victimization, scapegoating migrants for crime rates, health issues, and unemployment.

Thus, our first task is to break the silence surrounding the abuses of workers’ basic human rights by challenging these narratives, exposing endemic abuses, and amplifying the voices of migrant workers.

We also aim to effectively lobby our governments to reform employment and residency law and to extend protections to all migrant workers and their families.  Our campaigns and op-eds provide policy critiques and proposals to ensure expatriate are accorded their essential human rights.

Finally, this website provides an up-to-date, informative resources for migrant workers, advocates, concerned citizens, employers, media professionals.

Watch our videos: is a platform for all supporters of this cause and we invite you to join us.

Advancing the rights of migrant workers throughout the Middle East