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UAE Labor

On March 19, 2007

In Pursuit of Justice reports -

First batch of workers deported for “violent” protest. A total of 185 (out of 8000 protesters) will be eventually deported. Notice that the article doesn’t describe the “violence” that the workers were engaged in. This is the only article I could find with some detail of that and this is another article with more background on the story. 18 years without a pay raise…wow! (keep in mind the cost of living in Dubai has almost tripled just within the last 5 years or so). I expect that most of the 185 were not even engaged in the violence, they may have just helped organized the protest.

No-Indian door policy at Dubai bar.
I don’t know if I believe management’s story.

25% pay increase in UAE university-for nationals only.
Again, this is nothing out of the norm in the UAE so it is reported very casually.