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Why this website exists

On March 19, 2007

This website will serve as a source for information when it comes to migrant rights in the Middle East. For many Arab countries, particularly those in the Gulf, South Asian migrant workers are crucial to the economy. So crucial, in fact, that without them, the economy would suffer greatly. Construction and maintenance companies depend on these labor workers to complete important projects and tasks. Despite the fact that we thrive on the efforts of these hard working individuals, they still face extreme discrimination, racism, and in many cases their rights are hardly recognized. A significant percentage of these workers also live in extreme poverty and in unsanitary conditions despite them working up to 14 hours a day in the scorching weather. An alarming number of these workers are also underpaid or in some cases, they aren't paid at all. This is slavery, and we won't allow it to take place in our beloved countries.

Thus, the Mideast Youth team agreed to put this project together in order to help our fellow human beings, whose efforts and courage we appreciate and greatly admire, and whose rights we seriously demand.

Other than this website being a valuable, reliable, and informative network that brings together people who support this cause, we hope to give these workers the voice that they were never given in our countries.