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On July 8, 2007

Report- Bahrain Tribune

Yet another Indian committed suicide yesterday evening in Riffa. The 35-year-old Indian working in a boutique in East Riffa committed suicide by hanging himself from the fan.
According to information released, the Indian had been experiencing financial problems following the expansion of his shop. The business he expected to come in was not forthcoming. In addition he had to pay his sponsor.
Civil Defence personnel and Criminal Investigation Directorate officials arrived at the scene and the body was taken to the morgue.
There has been a spate of suicides in the Indian community in the past couple of months. The preferred method being hanging oneself from the fan and the main reason for them taking this extreme action has been cited as financial problems that emerge from taking loans to come over to the region. To make matters worse some of the victims it is alleged were not paid by their sponsors making their situation even more pitiable

There seems to be no end to the plights of the workers, who choose to take extreme steps to end their lives. Some have not seen their families for years, their aging parents and wives are eagerly waiting for them.
Then one day, they disappear. GONE.