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Suicide is where it all ends!

On November 22, 2007

Arab Times Reports:

Maid Attempts suicide
A 24 year old Indian Maid who tried in vain to end her life by cutting her wrist inside the bathroom of her sponsors home in Bneid Al Gar has been admitted to the Amiri Hospital, reports Alam Al Yawm daily.

A case of attempted suicide has been registered against the woman. However, police are interrogating the maid’s Egyptian sponsor. Police are reportedly waiting for the maid to recover to know she wanted to end her life.

Maid Critical after jumping from the 7th Floor
An Indonesian housemaid sustained serious injuries including broken bones in a suicide attempt. She reportedly jumped from the 7th floor of a building and landed on the 4th floor in Al – Salmiya.

Security sources told the Arab times that security men were alerted and quickly rushed to the scene and found her hanging on the 4th Floor and they managed to reach her by a ladder and found her unconscious.They quickly referred her to the Amir hospital and registered a case for further investigation.

The above was publised in the Arab times

Another 2 cases, both of very young girls, attempting to kill themselves. Probably it is not their lives that they really want to end, but rather their unbearable suffering.

It’s a sad state that they don’t have anyone to call for help? The abusers can claim that they have nothing to do with the deaths in the cases of a suicide, and are not responsible, but driving someone to their own death is no better than committing murder, no less or no different.

These suicide cases are bordering on an epidemic, how many will it take for the world to wake up?