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Suicides become resort to relief among migrants

On November 20, 2007

Recently I have noticed that the suicide cases among workers and maids have been on the rise in Kuwait. There is at least one suicide case reported everyday, with a small coverage as though, it’s a one-off incident. Today, I came across 4 such reports in the Kuwait and Arab Times which I uploaded below.

Attempted Suicide
A 24 year old Indian House maid tried to end her suffering by cutting her own wrist at her Egyptian sponsor’s house in Bneid Al-Gar. Security sources noted that the house lady managed to call for help and the maid was rushed to the Ameeri hospital and rescued. An Attempted suicide case was filed.

Man Hangs Himself
A 23 year old Indian man hung himself inside a warehouse in Salhiya Commercial Complex yesterday. The corpse was sent to forensics for examination

Man Commits Suicide
A Kuwaiti man reported to Farwaniya police that upon arriving home he discovered that his Nepalese maid committed suicide by hanging herself inside this house. The police filed a case and sent the corpse to forensics for examination.

Nepali Maid kills herself
A 29 year old maid said to have ended her life by hanging herself with a rope tied to the ceiling fan in her sponsors apartment in Farwaniya, reports Al Anba daily.
The remains of the victims have been referred to forensics; the sponsor has been summed by police for customary interrogation.

In the days to come, I will continue to report the suicide cases, you decide if these are negligible or a serious problem. These desperate and desolate people, with nowhere to turn, have finally resorted to ending their lives; one can only image the mental and physical trauma they suffered at the hands of their sponsors.

They need a place to turn to, and with each passing day the desperation and suffering only increases, we seriously need to wake up to this human crisis around us and do something.