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Visa ban for Bangladeshis

On May 27, 2008

Unfortunately, due to recent events in Bahrain, many people seem to agree with the decision to ban visas for incoming Bangladeshis. However, this action is only due to an exaggerated stereotype, a claim that Bangladeshi civilians must be "murderous" due to several Bangladeshi workers who committed horrid crimes in the past few years, which of course must be punishable and condemned, yet the entire nation has to pay quite a price for the actions of a few. You can read more about the decision and its shallow justification below:

According to today's GDN:

MANAMA: Bahrain has stopped issuing work permits to Bangladeshi nationals. The restriction follows directives issued late last night by Interior Minister Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa.

This was revealed by Ministry entry-points, search and follow-up assistant under-secretary Colonel Yousuf Al Ghatam in a statement.

Bangladesh Embassy Charge d'Affairs Saiful Islam said the move had left him and his colleagues in shock and said officials would appeal against it, adds GEOFFREY BEW.

"For one person the government is punishing a whole nation, which is not acceptable to us," he said.

"We will appeal to the government to reconsider this and I will contact the Interior Minister and other high-ranking officials.

"We will ask them at least to delay implementing this restriction. There are thousands of Bangladeshi people working in the cold and heat for the development of Bahrain.

"We have a good relationship with the people and respect Bahrain. The government should not take such a harsh action."

A group of MPs called for a ban on Bangladeshi workers on Sunday following the death of Bahraini Mohammed Jassim Dossary who was killed in an attack after an argument with a Bangladeshi mechanic at a workshop in Suq Waqif, Hamad Town on Friday.

This doesn't solve anything, and is nothing but a foolish decision justified by racism.