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Bangladeshi Worker Abused by Sponsor

On May 12, 2009

This story in itself is a good argument in favour of Bahrain's decision to abolish the sponsorship system:

A Bangladeshi worker was brutally beaten by his sponsor when he asked for his wages, according to this report in The Weekly Blitz (Bangladesh). Akteruzzaman Akhter, who worked as a pipe fitter for a construction company, arrived at the Bangladeshi embassy last week to lodge a complaint against his employer, who he feared might kill him.

According to an official from the embassy:

"He was beaten black and blue by his sponsor until he had fallen unconscious . His body bore marks of the bruises on his back and legs... The worker said when he asked for his pending salary he was subjected to harsh treatment by his sponsor,”

The embassy have now lodged a formal complaint against his employer with the police, who are investing the company to see if other workers had been abused on asking for their salaries.