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Lebanon: Safia D., Bengali, has committed suicide yesterday

On November 24, 2009

Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar has reported today that Safia D., a 26 year old Bengali maid, was found dead in the house of her employers, close to Jbeil (Byblos), hanging from a rope around her neck, tied to a pipe in the heating room of the house. Security reports said that she committed suicide.

This is the 6th or 7th reported suicide of migrant domestic workers since October 09.

“وفاة عاملة بنغالية,” Al-Akhbar, November 24, 2009,

عُثر على جثة العاملة البنغالية صافية د. (26 عاماً) مشنوقة بحبل ملفوف حول عنقها، ومعلق بقسطل داخل غرفة الشوفاج في منزل مشغليها قرب جبيل. وجاء في تقارير أمنية أن صافية انتحرت.

This was originally posted on Ethiopian Suicides, and posted here with permission