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Maid Attempts Suicide in Kuwait by Drinking Detergent

On January 2, 2010

The Arab Times reported yesterday about a Sri-Lankan maid who attempted to commit suicide by drinking a bottle of cleaning liquid. The maid was taken to the hospital from her sponsor's house in Qurain on Thursday. As in the all stories of this kind in state-run Kuwaiti papers, the report concludes by saying that an investigation was launched to determine what triggered the suicide attempt. We are yet to hear of any case being opened in Kuwait against a sponsor after his maid attempted or committed suicide.

In the same report, the paper briefly mentions that a Pakistani worker fell from high and suffered several injuries on a construction site. The given reason for the fall is a loss of balance, but if the worker was given the proper safety equipment, he wouldn't need to maintain his balance at all times to stay alive. It has been documented before that employers often save costs by not providing the necessary equipment.