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Saudi Arabia: Filipino Maid Abused, Discriminated for her Faith

On January 1, 2010

AsiaNews carried a story yesterday about a Filipino maid who was abused and discriminated for her Catholic faith. Because of this abuse, the maid recently returned to the Philippines, before the end of her work contract.

Norma Caldera worked in Saudi Arabia for seven months as a domestic worker and was never allowed to leave her employer's house during that time. She was mocked on a daily basis for her faith by her employers. When they found out that she's a catholic they unilaterally cut her pay from $1,000 to $700 per month. On Ramadan Caldera was forced to fast with the family, while continuing to do her work. On top of that, she was not given a room or a bed and forced to sleep on the kitchen floor or in a tent in the backyard.