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Two Ethiopian Maids Commit Suicide in Bahrain in Less than a Week

On January 16, 2010

The Bahraini daily Al-Wasat reported on January 14 about two case of suicide and attempted suicide by maids in Bahrain within less than a week.

In the first case, an Ethiopian maid locked herself in the bathroom at her employer's home in the village of Aldih. She drank detergent and swallowed pills intended for her employer's son. Her employer found her in critical condition and she was transported to the hospital where she died two days later on Sunday night.

The second case occured in Karannah. A maid who worked at a house there shut herself in a bathroom and drank a large quantity of detergent. Security forces broke down the door of the bathroom and she was taken to the hospital in critical condition. We are unaware of whether she is alive or not right now. The paper adds that it is unlikely that the maid tried to commit suicide because of ill-treatment because the family is known to treat their workers well.