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Lebanon: Increase in death of migrant domestic workers

On August 25, 2010

In the past few days, Al-Akhbar newspaper reported, based on police reports, the probable suicide, the death or the injury of several migrant domestic workers. The following is the resume:

On Saturday 21 August, at 2 p.m. a Bengali maid drowned and died in the swimming pool in the villa of her employer in Rmeileh. The name of maid was not mentioned in the Police report.

In Abi Samra, in Tripoli, on Saturday 21 August at 9 a.m."Kamalry" jumped from the 6th floor, from the balcony of the house of her employer. The police report which concluded that it was a suicide did not include her full name or even her nationality.

Three hours later, also in Abi Samra in Tripoli, the body of an unidentified Nepali woman was found in front of one of the buildings. The cause of death was unknown, awaiting medical examination.

On Thursday 19 August, in the morning, Ethiopian Sirek Ogapy, 29 years-old, "threw herself" from the 10th floor of her employer's house, Ahmad M. in Beirut in Sakyet El Janzeer. In this case, according to eyewitness account Ethiopian Suicides got from neighboors was that there was shouting and screaming, possibly fighting, between the maid and the house owner immediately prior to the fall. The house owner is politically influential. Consequently, it is believed that the police investigation won't go farther than the suicide theory.

For the Arabic text:

A 21 year-old African domestic worker, Yah Nicolas, died in hospital, 3 days after drinking a poisonous liquid in the house of her employer in Ghazyeh, near Saida. Her nationality was not specified. The date of the incident was not specified.

Filipino migrant worker, Shella K. (31 years-old), fell from the balcony of her employer in Kaslik, from the 6th floor, according to the police report. She fell while cleaning the balcony and sustained bruises and broken bones and was transfered to hospital for treatement. The date of the incident was not specified.

For the Arabic text: