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Arrested runaway Filipino workers seek assistance for sick children

On December 1, 2010

An alliance of Filipino migrant rights group in Saudi Arabia today said the eight run away mothers who are now staying at police station following the raid on November 24 in Al Khobar are pleading for assistance to their sick children.

“We endorsed their request for assistance to the Philippine embassy for its prompt action since its a serious concerns especially that the children of these arrested run away Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are sick,” said John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator.

On his letter dated December 2 to the Philippine embassy based in Riyadh, Monterona stated “The mother has been pleading to us to provide assistance to her baby, who she said is very sick with cold and fever,”

“My baby has been unconscious during the raid due to sickness,” said the OFW mother, 33 years old, who requested not to be named.

Monterona conveyed to the PH embassy-Assistance to the National Section (ANS) that during yesterday's conversation with the run away OFW mother said they have been locked up into a small room of the police station along with other 7 OFW mothers and 12 children.

“They claimed that no assistance so far has been given to them by any PH embassy staff aside from getting their names and the required 'papers' to transfer them at Saudi's Social welfare agency (SWA) in Dammam,” Monterona on his letter to the PH embassy.

Monterona averred that since the room at the police station is too small for them, all children are now with colds and fever, aside from the fact that it's winter now.

“In this regard, we may ask your prompt action to immediately arrange a consular visit to attend on the conditions of the children, and ask the SWA management to provide them medicines, food, and clothes suitable during winter,” Monterona ended.