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Another troubling month passes in Saudi Arabia

On August 6, 2011

July was a tough month for Saudi Arabia. Here, we link to several articles which sum up the situation in the kingdom before Ramadan.

Amid recruitment bans, illegal maids increase wage demands.

No more domestic workers to Saudi from Philippines and Indonesia.

The present alternative plan is to fill the void by getting workers from Ethiopia.

Succesful intervention by the Indian Consulate in Jeddah to a case of a woman who was working under slave-like conditions for three years. "I took her in my car around the streets of Jeddah to locate her sponsor's house but unforrtunately three years after confinement within the four walls of the house had made her alien to the city."

Indonesia on the go in Saudi to try to save 27 workers charged with death row.

Another death sentence awaits a Srilankan, who travelled to Saudi to work while she was still under 18.

On the positive side, read about the India Fraternity Forum here.

Darsem Binti Dawud Tawar, the brave, 26 year old Indonesian who was under a rape attempt by her employer in 2009 and was convicted of murder by a Saudi court and a sentenced to death afterwards, returned home this July. She was granted pardon by the victim's family and the Indonesian government paid for her release.

And finally, a good read on Saudization and Migrants.