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How do you build servitude?

On August 22, 2011

Here, is a tough article by Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar, on the House Keepers' Training Academy.

The article is very well written because it depicts the whole mentality behind the "owners" of this business by just stating facts and statements that they said. Read the full article in Arabic to get the full picture. Here is a quick wrap up of what has been mentioned in the piece.

- "The wage of a domestic worker does not exceed 125$/ month. Who would I pay 170$/ 4 days to train her?"

- "No this is not a business.. If I wanted to open a business, I would have opened a recruitment agencies for domestic workers."

-Training includes teaching the worker how to perfect the coffee to the preferred taste of her employer.

- "Africans do not like Lebanese people."

It is also good to know that the counter academy has its doors still open for interested employers.