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Positive Changes for Migrants in Lebanon?

On September 10, 2011

Lebanon has made some changes to the way that it receives migrant workers, according to this article in the DailyStar

Changes include the distribution of manuals to incoming workers on rights and responsibilities, trained staff on hand to 'greet' incoming workers and better rooms in the  immigration areas of the airport. These will be "human spaces now", according to Dina Hadad, project manager at Caritas Migrant Center.

It is no exaggeration to say that the previous rooms were nothing close to spaces where humans should sit or wait for anything or anyone. Entering Beirut's airport, a traveler would observe how migrant women are flocked in one corner, passports taken away and they are only allowed to pass once all other passengers go. After this,  they are all escorted to a room run by the general security which is the "maids room". The conditions are inhumane and undignified. Each woman must wait here until her sponsor arrives to and take her to the house,  for anything from 4 hours to 14.

Read the DailyStar full article for details.