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Migrant Rights Launches in Bangla

On August 4, 2012

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce that Migrant Rights is now available in Bangla. This allows us to reach an even wider audience. We are grateful for the support of Bijoy and Rezwan whose efforts have made this possible. According to Rezwan, other volunteers from the Global Voices Bangla Lingua translation community have expressed interest to contribute.

To quote Rezwan:

Our goal is to extend the work you are doing in making the voices and the news of of the migrant workers heard to the international communities. We are targeting the Bangla speaking communities across the world in order to spread the voices of migrant workers, especially those who are from Bangladesh and the Indian sub-continent. We expect to make partnerships with local Bangla newspapers which may republish the articles (attributing to Migrant Rights) for better outreach.

Because there are so many workers from Bangladesh in the Middle East, especially the Gulf, offering MR in the Bangla language lifts some of the silence from their plight. We hope to challenge not only host countries but also the countries that send migrant workers to be stronger advocates on behalf of worker's rights.

Please share the site with others in the Bangla-speaking community.