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Gulf Media Continues to Normalise Abuse of Domestic Workers

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Sep 26 2017

Migrant-Rights.org has spotlighted the negative portrayal of migrant workers in Gulf media since our launch in 2009.  Over the years, these pieces have included:

Mistreatment of Domestic Workers in a Kuwaiti Soap Opera Kuwait TV Channel Mocks Migrant Worker Abuse

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Ridicules Domestic Workers

Sorcery And Domestic Workers – The Abusive Narrative Persists In Saudi

The depictions of violence against domestic workers, the mocking of their appearance, the stereotyping, and the otherwise regular undermining of their personhood normalise their marginalisation. These media portrayals are not comedic in any way: they have serious implications for all low-income migrant workers.

The following clip from a recent episode of"Al Mohtala - مسلسل المحتالة" " is an example of the continuation of these harmful media depictions.

But notable actors and actresses in Kuwait are taking a stance for the humanization of domestic workers in a campaign by Migrant-Rigts.org's Ensaniyat Project.

Reactions to the campaign have been overwhelmingly positive across the region. But we need to keep the momentum going. Share this video widely and call out harmful stereotypes when you see them.

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